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Kitchen to Community: Meals for Seniors

Ypsilanti, Michigan

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A Kitchen for the Community to help Seniors, Children and Families. Hope lives here in Ypsilanti!

Description of project

Ypsilanti Meals on Wheels is a non-profit with a specific purpose of delivering prepared meals to the
homebound elderly, disabled, and ill residents of the greater Ypsilanti, Michigan area. We realize that people, especially the infirm, the ill, and the disabled take comfort in their own homes. The meals we provide help people to remain in good health in order to care for themselves in the home.

Meals are at the heart of our program and we want to provide the fresh, locally made meals and that is why we need your help! We are joining forces with Growing Hope to partner for a shared kitchen to benefit our seniors and the entire community.

Ypsilanti Meals on Wheels believes in providing high quality food services for the future that will be:
- Culturally and religiously sensitive
- Able to meet the needs of an expanding client base that is looking for vegetarian meals
- Ability to serve clients with healthy meals that meet specialized diets: Diabetic, low-sodium, low-sugar, lowcarb & renal failure.
- Desire to launch a menu for hospice meals of comfort

In order to provide specialized meals that are needed for the diverse population of the greater Ypsilanti area we want to have access to a kitchen that will allow us freedom in preparing meals that:
1) Allow YMOW to have greater control of the meal components via our own kitchen
2) Ability to work with local farms and producers to utilize the local produce from our community
3) Ability to collaborate with other local food nonprofits for a jointly shared kitchen: Growing Hope and Food Gatherers via a partnership with a vested interest to bring healthy foods to all in the community from children, families to Seniors.
4) Develop a kitchen that would allow the community residents to utilize the kitchen for cottage businesses and a rental model for the community to use that will be an income generating arm of the nonprofits
5) Lastly, to develop a program withe our local workforce development office and food training
program to put teenagers and other residents of the community back to work and learning a skill to earn income.

We anticipate that by setting up a joint kitchen that Ypsilanti Meals on Wheels and Growing Hope will be able to:
1) Reduce the rate of food insecurity for all low-income individuals, children, families and seniors because the kitchen will allow us to reduce our overhead food expenses.
2) We will be able to reduce the food waste in our community
3) We will be able to put 4-10 teenagers or previously unemployed residents to work in partnership with Food Gatherers culinary training program
4) Create an income stream for the 2 nonprofits that will allow us to continue to grow the food services
offered to our community in need of food security
5) Allow for expansion of the service area to include two new low income rural communities that have a very high rate of food insecurity and high early mortality rate compared to other parts of the more
financial stable community
6) Increase YMOW's ability to expand service delivery days from 5 days a week to 6 days a week if we are able to lower overhead food costs and generate income
7) By working with two other nonprofits we also hope to provide additional food partnerships, health education, access to benefit signup (Food stamps).

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