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"The AWI Weight Management Program-An 8-week Challenge to Build the Skills for Long-term Success"

The AWI Weight Management Program will meet once a week, for an hour, for a total of eight weeks. The program will be taught by a Registered Dietitian, who developed the program using a variety of educational and practical weight loss/management techniques specific to older adults. These techniques are proven to increase accountability and change behavior.

While several general weight management programs exist, very few address the special needs of older adults. This includes, but is not limited to the need for additional calcium to strengthen bones and prevent the worsening of Osteoporosis, and the importance of eating a high protein, low carbohydrate diet to manage Type 2 Diabetes. Additionally, carrying around excess weight causes additional joint pain and inflammation.

Many older individuals know what they need to do to be healthy, however key barriers prevent them from making the changes necessary to eat healthy, and lose or maintain their weight. Additionally, the majority of older adults are retired and on a fixed income thereby struggling with how to eat healthy, and cover the high cost of medications and living expenses.

The weekly meetings will consist of a weigh in, food journal review (by the dietitian) and review of a key nutritional concept. Each participant will be issued a food journal to track food and support progress. A different topic will be covered each week and will address shopping and cooking on a budget, eating out, portion sizing, hidden calories, sugars, label reading, and low cost recipe revision. Participants will also be required to attend a booster session with the Dietitian, one month from the course completion date to weigh in and assess progress.

Participants will be incentivized for their attendance and will receive weekly tools to reinforce good nutrition. Incentives will include a workbook, food journal, cookbook, water bottle, tote bag, and weekly food samples.

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