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Fundraising Campaign

Seeking to raise $2500 to provide therapeutic recreational, cultural and educational activities, economic support, and dental care to low-resource and vulnerable older adults. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the number of individuals we serve looking for economic support has increased. We also anticipate a much greater desire and need to get out and into the community once the pandemic ebbs; as well as an increase in dental care once restrictions are lifted for routine care. We are now working hard to secure the funding needed to provide these basic needs to these vulnerable, often overlooked, seniors.

More About Us

Fenwick's Other COVID Impact Response: Economic Support. We cannot overemphasize what we anticipate to be a much greater need for assistance through our economic support program due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the difficulties and challenges associated with the coronavirus outbreak, we are seeking to expand our economic assistance program. This program provides economic support for groceries, gas, pharmacy items, and other necessities and targets low-resource adults, Veterans and their families.

The Fenwick Foundation currently provides those groups and individuals we support access to five different programs, all with the same goal-to improve quality of life, health and wellbeing.

Enriching Lives Program- We are passionate about providing social, entertainment and educational opportunities for low-income individuals to attend theater, museums, professional sporting events (baseball, hockey, basketball, football), group lunches and dinners out, visits to zoos, parks, river cruises, bowling, movies, etc. This program addresses the needs of older adults, veterans and returning active military personnel, people with disabilities and caregivers. Our goal is to get people "out-of-the-house" for physical and mental stimulation and activities, and to enjoy the sorts of things we all enjoy in our lives and on which we thrive.

Veterans, Returning Military & Family Support Program- We provide support to veterans, returning active military personnel and their families who are convalescing and/or traveling to receive care at VA Medical Centers and other military hospitals, through our affiliation with several Fisher Houses. This support includes the types of opportunities provided with our Enriching Lives Program, and economic support tailored to provide more time-sensitive assistance for gas, groceries and food, pharmacy items, personal supplies, etc.

Ernest L. Breeding Flower and Gardening Program- Our gardening program fosters and encourages activity-based flower and gardening clubs and projects at long-term care residences. Residents drive these programs, including getting out to nurseries to purchase flowers and plants and then "digging in the dirt" for improved health via physical activity.

Caregiver Respite and Support Program- This program provides caregivers with a chance to have a break from the difficult, stressful and unrelenting responsibilities they face every day. Many of the respite activities for caregivers are like the events and opportunities we sponsor through our Enriching Lives Program, but also include hair/nail salon visits, dinner vouchers, gift cards and special events for caregiver families and for special "me" time needed by the caregivers.

Project ADAPT (Adult Dental Access, Prevention and Treatment)-Our oral care and treatment program provides needed dental care to low-income older adults and people with disabilities who are not receiving adequate or any dental care. Far too many older adults do not have financial or logistical access to this basic health care need. We are determined to change this condition.


The Fenwick Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity focused on improving quality of life, health and wellbeing in ways that are not addressed or "below the radar." We provide a wide range of therapeutic recreational, cultural and educational outings and activities as well as support programs, including economic support and dental care, to low-income and vulnerable older adults, veterans and returning active military personnel, people with disabilities and caregivers.
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