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Many older adults today receive their news through social media posts. Media literacy education, in particular digital media literacy education, is a type of literacy that's becoming critical in order to understand the media world today and how it works in the virtual world. Technology for Tomorrow has partnered with Arizona State University News Co/Lab, an institution within the university's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, to teach a media literacy education program developed by Arizona State University. The course is called "Mediactive: How to Participate in Our Digital World" and focuses on how media literacy principles can help you make sense of your digital media environment. This course teaches learners how to spot misinformation, how to explain how the professional news media operate, how to assess credible sources and claims, and how to use media to participate in your community. Our focus audience for this critical course is older adults/senior citizens.

More About Us

Together with our supporters and partners, Technology for Tomorrow helps bridge the gaps in life through technology and support services.

Helping older adults close the interaction gaps with family, friends and community by providing group and individual training in the use of technology for communications - voice, text, and video and access services such as Telehealth.

Helping older adults with understanding digital media literacy

Helping New Americans gain necessary technology skills in order to transition and become successful after they arrive to the United States and Vermont.

Helping home education students close the gaps with traditional education by providing basic through advanced technology training, and supporting soft skills consulting.

Helping individuals within the workforce development community close the skill gaps necessary to seek meaningful employment by providing basic through advanced technology skills, including industry certifications, along with supporting soft skills consulting.

Helping Second Chance individuals prepare fill skills gaps to successfully return to public life by providing technology and business training to support employment and entrepreneurism.


"As a grandmother living apart from any teenage grandchildren, I greatly appreciate help with 'living in the modern digital age' with greater comfort and knowledge. Can [T4T] come more often and regularly?" - Anonymous Senior Citizen

"It has been such a great experience working with T4T since 2015. With the software technology services T4T provides, our parent participants from the New American community have gained experience and comfort navigating and enjoying their gadgets..." - Burlington School District Parent University

"This type of tutoring is immensely helpful to me. Many questions answered. So helpful!" - Anonymous Senior Citizen

"Thank you [T4T]! I learned so much. Please offer more services." - J. S.

"[T4T] brought laptops, expertise and patience to our English language classroom; our students gained computer literacy skills, increased access to digital resources and huge smiles of satisfaction!" - Erin and Corinne, USCRI English Instructors

"I came in with little knowledge on coding and came out knowing some cool stuff!" - Marielle


Technology for Tomorrow, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, empowers individuals and organizations by providing affordable technology and supporting skills training and enabling virtual opportunities through various local, state, and national collaboration efforts to help individuals and organizations reach their goals. We do this work in both the English and Spanish languages.
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