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Help Keep People Moving!

Description of project

Ride Connection provides individuals with access to transportation so that they can maintain their independence. Ride Connection helps people who would otherwise be socially or physically isolated. Our services allow an individual to age in place and often times reduce the need for additional social or support services. Our customers are able to get out and do their own shopping, get to their preventative medical appointments to maintain and improve their health, take an exercise class or go on a social outing to keep their minds and bodies sharp, and even get to their jobs or volunteer commitments so they can continue to be active members of our society and economy. A customer can use our service to get where they need to go to maintain their quality of life.

Ride Connection provides over half a million rides annually to those in need. These rides are provided for free by volunteer and paid drivers and are often described as a lifeline by the customers. We hear daily that without Ride Connection our customers wouldn't have any other transportation options.

Unfortunately, we are unable to meet every ride request we receive. Last year we were unable to fill 30,000 ride requests. With your support, we can provide more individuals with the critical transportation services they need to live an independent life.

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Transportation is an essential human need. The value of transportation is incalculable, from relief from social isolation to fueling our economy. Keeping people moving, connecting with one another, ...read more

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Ride Connection provides free, customer-focused, safe, reliable transportation options for older adults, people with disabilities, and low income individuals in the Portland metro area of Oregon. Ride...read more

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