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Merrymakers Association provides monthly professional musical entertainment to seniors in nursing homes, assisted living centers, senior centers, veterans homes, and hospice care. Hearing songs they remember from their younger years increases seniors' happiness, decreases depression and anxiety and improves their quality of life. Merrymakers Association is pleased and proud to be celebrating its 35th anniversary in operation. 

More About Us

We serve seniors in just under 160 nursing homes, assisted living centers, veterans homes and even hospice care centers throughout Nebraska and in western and central Iowa. Merrymakers provides monthly professional entertainment to improve residents' quality of life. Activity directors strongly feel that Merrymakers decreases feelings of anxiety and depression, decreases feelings of loneliness and isolation, increases enjoyment and happiness and gives a chance for social engagement.


• We feel blessed with the Merrymakers. Some of our residents only come to music activities, so this helps give them another chance to have a day to smile about.
• Increased self-confidence because they remember the songs and enjoy singing along! Especially at a time they have a hard time with memory.
• Singing along is very therapeutic and the genres and presentations of the singers is perfect. The singers are all good at engaging their audiences!
• Our residents love when we have music. It is sometimes the only activity that some residents will come to.
• They are excited the whole day of their arrival!
• The extra handshakes and smiles go a long way!
• The Merrymakers make a huge difference in our residents' lives. They all have their favorites and want to know when they are coming back.
• The Merrymakers performers are such a blessing! What quality of life they add to our monthly events. Creating opportunities that would not be possible in our rural area!
• Our residents enjoy the music, and they smile, sing along, clap their hands. Some residents that don't respond well to other activities respond to the Merrymakers.
• It is difficult to get professional entertainment brought into the nursing home in the western part of NE. So glad that this gives residents something to look forward to each month!
• The residents really seem to brighten when they are here.
• Besides the great entertainment, the best part is how they make the residents feel special, by reaching out to the residents before, during and/or after the program!
• We enjoy watching our residents smile and we are getting professional grade entertainers that we would not be able to afford due to our budget. Seeing our residents smile, tap their toes, sing along, and just be happy is the number one benefit we see.


Merrymakers improves the quality of life for seniors by encouraging active participation, increasing social interaction, and sparking memories through professional musical entertainment.
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