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Fundraising Campaign

2020 Summer Volunteer Recruitment Project is our first proactive program in 4 years specifically targeting the mass enrollment of new volunteers. As our population ages, our volunteer base is also aging, which creates an imbalance in the participants versus our current volunteers. Our objective is to actively broadcast this call for a new battalion of volunteers and our anticipated outcome is to spread the Na Hoaloha vision that we are a community driven volunteer organization providing services by volunteers in direct service to other seniors and the elderly. We have calculated that this enrollment drive should increase our caregiving volunteer forces by 35 new members in this 2 month project with 60 new volunteers for the entire 2020.Our 2020 Summer Volunteer Recruitment Project is planned with a $8,500.00 budget to use all available outlets to broadcast this call for recruits such as local weekly newspaper ads, printed posters, social media campaigns, local Maui radio advertisement and interviews, island broad and specific mass mailing campaign, senior center round tables and a volunteer appreciation/recruitment dance. Nā Hoaloha can accomplish its mission with the generosity of the Maui County Office on Aging, and the State Executive Office on Aging with funding specific for reimbursements and grants that support our agency with restricted funds. We also receive some grant awards and voluntary contributions to support operations, but no additional funds for volunteer recruitment and enlistment. Because of the exponential growth in participants through the county's referral service, we find it challenging to keep up the balance between participant-volunteer ratio which is currently estimated 3 to 1. As our preretirement volunteers age, we need to replenish our forces and shrink our participant-volunteer ratio somewhere closer to 2 to 1.

More About Us

We currently have about 378 active volunteers providing services to nearly 1,042 participants in the County of Maui. Our volunteer ages range from 16 - 95, with the majority over 60 years of age. Approximately 89% of the elderly we serve are 65 and older and 38% live alone. Approximately 52% of our participants live below poverty with an additional 31% near poverty. With income based on individuals and where there may be a spouse who lives in the same household, the number of those in poverty could be greater. Typically, these are frail elders who want to remain in their home and in order to do so, they need some assistance to get to their medical appointments and to get food and medication. We provide the following services at no cost to the participants:
Friendly Visitor - The Nā Hoaloha Friendly Visitor provides support through socialization, conversation, friendship and companionship. Spending time with a homebound senior or person with disabilities promotes independence, reduces isolation, and improves quality of life. The Friendly Visitor Volunteer visits or calls on a regular basis to build a positive relationship that conveys warmth and caring.
Telephone Reassurance Program - The Telephone Reassurance Program matches volunteers (some of whom may be homebound themselves) with homebound participants. The calls provide an opportunity for social engagement; as well as status updates. The volunteer checks in via telephone daily, weekly, or monthly (as scheduled); providing medication reminders and wellness checks.
Escort Transportation Service - The Nā Hoaloha Transportation Volunteer provides round-trip transportation and accompanies a senior or persons with a disability to locations for needed medical appointments, for grocery shopping, or medications. Maui County has limited resources for transportation services for seniors. Nā Hoaloha provides help to those who are homebound and have no access to other forms of transportation.
In-home Respite Program - The In-home Respite Program allows a family caregiver who is providing round the clock care the opportunity for relief. This unique flexibility gives the family caregiver the opportunity to continue participant-centered care while taking advantage of critically needed time away from the stressors of caregiving.
Falls Prevention Program - "Stay on Your Feet", our Falls Prevention Volunteer Program, deploys volunteers to communities to assist residents in identifying environmental factors that contribute to falls. On average, a senior will fall every 5 hours in Hawaii and ends up with hospitalization. In addition, statistics show that 40% of those over the age of 60 who are injured in a fall requiring hospitalization never return home; of those 40%, 25% will die within 1 year of falling. Through education and the development of a self-evaluation tool for fall risk, Nā Hoaloha hopes to raise awareness, aids, and reduce the number of falls.
Intergenerational Program - The Intergenerational Program provides an opportunity for young adults to gain community service experience during high school. This program is instrumental in cultivating awareness of the issues of aging and the importance of personal contribution to the community.


Our mission: Na Hoaloha provides compassionate care to seniors and persons with disabilities to help them remain independent and to enhance their quality of life.
Our vision: Na Hoaloha is a community driven volunteer organization providing services by volunteers in service to others.
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