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Moving Program for Low-income Seniors

Chicago, Illinois

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Be a helping hand during one of life's most stressful times--moving from one home to another

Description of project

H.O.M.E.'s Moving Program offers seniors support and assistance through one of life's most stressful events-moving from one home to another. Low-income seniors move for many reasons, among them moving to a senior building that better meets their needs as they age, leaving an unhealthy and unsafe environment, or finding a more affordable housing option.

Moves are made much easier for seniors with the help of our coordinator, and in many instances, have the power to change lives. For low-income seniors like Diana, a professional moving company can cost over twice their monthly income. After we helped Diana move, she wrote us this note:

"I would like to express my deepest gratitude and thanks to you, HOME Org., and Big O Mover. Without your help this move would have been impossible. You literally saved my life! I would not have been able to survive under those conditions much longer with the many health problems I have. I am now able to have basic necessities like heat and hot water to bathe. I don't have to inhale mold and mildew anymore or worry about the ceiling falling in on my head. I did something in my new apartment that I have not done in a while, I wash my hair. With that said, you and the HOME Org is truly a God sent and blessing. You help make my burden light and I sincerely thank you. May God return the blessings to you many times over."

Moves for seniors usually are precipitated by a life event- a health event which requires more care, loss of family support, or a financial or housing crisis. Transitions can be one of the most stressful situations seniors face. Older adults who have been in the same home for decades face a bigger challenge; moving is often much more than packing a home, it is packing a lifetime. The physical and emotional stress of a move should not be overlooked. Our Moving Program offers transitional services and support before, during, and after the move to facilitate a physically and emotionally safe relocation experience for each client.

Our Moving Coordinator is a trained case manager who acts as a liaison between seniors and vetted moving companies to provide a physically and emotionally safe and affordable moving experience for low-income seniors moving within the City. There is no other program providing moving assistance to low-income seniors in the City of Chicago, and we often get referrals from the City and other social service agencies requesting this service.

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