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Duet is a partner in health and aging to older adults, one of the most at-risk populations of the COVID-19 virus. Our first priority is to remain a vibrant source of help and hope for the thousands of people who rely on our services - especially seniors. Duet's board, staff, volunteers, and supporters are steadfast in contributing to the recovery, health, and collaborative spirit of the community. Due to the cancellation of our April 28 Partners In Compassion fundraising luncheon, community support is crucially needed now to ensure that current levels of service are met to impact the lives of homebound seniors, family caregivers, faith communities, and grandparents raising grandchildren. At Duet, our vision is a community where every person ages with compassion, dignity, and hope. Too often, older adults and family caregivers feel isolated as they deal with the most overwhelming experiences of their lives. Duet eases the journey by walking alongside the people we serve on the path of caring. From giving rides to the grocery store and medical appointments, to offering health promotion activities, support groups, and personalized guidance and assistance, Duet is here to provide compassionate help to our community. Volunteer. Donate. Ask for help. Together, we are partners in health and aging.

More About Us

Homebound Adults: Duet matches compassionate volunteers with homebound adults, "neighbors," who can no longer drive yet wish to remain living in their own homes. Free-of-charge volunteer services include grocery shopping, transportation to medical appointments, friendly visits and phone calls, paperwork assistance, minor handyperson services, and tech assistance.

Family Caregivers: A family caregiver is anyone who provides unpaid care for a loved one. Many family members and friends do not consider such care caregiving - they are just doing what comes naturally to them. But that care may be required for months or years, and can take an emotional, physical, and financial toll on the caregiver. Duet is here to help family caregivers take better care of themselves, so that they in turn can take better care of their loved ones. Duet's services include support groups and mentoring, information and guided assistance, workshops, and a video discussion series.

Faith Communities: Duet promotes health and well-being by training faith community nurses and by partnering with congregations to establish and maintain health ministries, which are empowered by Duet through education, resources, and supportive networking groups. Duet is the sole provider in Arizona of the Foundations of Faith Community Nursing course that gives registered nurses the skills needed to start a congregational health program and train them in their roles.

Grandfamilies: Duet guides grandparents (and other relatives) by providing tools and resources to help them thrive and keep their family together. These grandfamilies receive help through support groups, respite, family activities, benefit counseling, workshops, legal guidance, and referral information.


"I would go without food because I couldn't drive or shop on my own. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!"

"Duet is a valuable contributor to my being able to remain in my residence as a disabled elderly person at age 85. Thank you!"

"Without the help of Duet and my incredible caregiver mentor, I'd be totally lost. Duet saved my life because they know what it takes to be a caregiver."

"For any grandparents raising grandchildren out there, I'd encourage them to go to a Duet support group for help. It's been a lifesaver for me."

"In giving to Duet we see lives change in our own community and we know that our resources will be stewarded well and wisely."

"Thanks to the wonderful volunteers, I can now go to the doctor's appointments. You have wonderful volunteers. I don't know where I would be without them."

"I could not get to the store without my volunteer, Anna. I used all of my savings on cabs to get to the grocery store. When my savings were gone, I had to live on food someone brought to me."

"Duet is wonderful and I feel less stress knowing I can get to the doctor appointment. Christine, my volunteer driver, is a wonderful, kind woman who always is very accommodating! Duet has helped me feel more independent and less stressed."

"My volunteer is wonderful and tries to help anyway he can. It is a wonderful service for the elderly."

"I have had the same volunteer now for 4 years. We have become good friends, we are like family. I am on oxygen and before I found Duet's services, I had unreliable transportation and sometimes I had to wait an hour or more to be picked up to take me to places I needed to go."


Duet's vision is to promote health and well-being through vitally needed, free-of-charge services to homebound adults, family caregivers, faith communities, and grandfamilies.
Connect with Duet: Partners In Health & Aging