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Currently 1 out of every 3 seniors in Washington State have some form of dementia. Many of these people are being cared for by loved ones at home. The amount of hours spent giving care is staggering; this often leads to increased risk to the care giver due to the stresses of caring for their loved one.

The Alzheimer Society of Washington (ASW) currently hosts 25 support groups each month. These support groups offer peer support, education and care giving tips and stress the importance of making sure the care givers take time to care for themselves. Our groups are designed to give care givers a safe and welcoming environment where they can discuss anything and get the support they need to continue to give the best care they can to their loved one.

Unfortunately, even though we offer 25 groups a month, it is not enough to give the support our community needs. As the population of people living with dementia continues to grow and the costs of long term care continue to rise, more and more families are keeping their loved ones home for a longer period of time. These factors are contributing to our groups are beginning to get overcrowded. In order to continue serving our families at a high level, we desperately need to start more more groups. However, our current resources are stretched to capacity.

Our need is clear: We need more support groups and more people to facilitate them. Our goal is to start an additional FIVE support groups within the next year. In order to do this, we need to develop a robust training program and identify facilitators for them. In order to do this we will need funding to create the training program, including training materials, train new facilitators and establish a quality control mechanism to ensure that all new groups are being facilitated in a manner conducive to our ASW's mission.

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