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Since 2009, ARTS By The People has been promoting and conducting unique and collaborative arts classes and workshops for seniors. We are proud to say that we currently serve over 1,000 seniors in residential facilities in New Jersey and New York City. Below is a link to a partial list of our current programs that we offer:
We know that the impact of COVID-19 is creating extremely challenging times especially in our area that has been hardest hit. Once the quarantine orders are lifted in senior communities, helping to acclimate our senior participants to society's new normal will pose as one of our greatest challenges. This population has been arguably the most affected by quarantine as they are completely locked out of our virtual programs (as some do not have the access to technology). Below is what we are focused on:
1) Isolation can have a devastating effect on anyone, especially for our seniors, so we are committed, as we always have been, to improving their quality of life not only through our programs but by integrating them back into normal social interaction through our workshops. Our staff is meeting with social workers to gain a better understanding of the needs of senior citizens post pandemic.
2) Once stay-at-home orders are lifted, our seniors will need to talk, express their fears and concerns - it is then that we become the front line. It is important we have the support to expand and increase programming beyond our pre-pandemic communities.
3) Arts By The People is preparing for that impending moment by working with our Senior Community partners to increase class times, allowing for a period of re-connecting and conversation.
We are asking for support to expand our programming, allow more class time for our resident artists, and organize meetings with social workers to educate our staff and resident artists for best practices in dealing with our senior participants post pandemic.

More About Us

Our goal is to empower individuals through collaborative acts of self-expression.
We believe that self-awareness and communication come forth in shared creative acts and that the arts offer universal benefits for people of all ages and backgrounds. Exposure through a diverse range of creative mediums can reach individuals and build communities of small interest groups or generate intergenerational connections. It is our belief that the arts can also bridge social divisions and strengthen understanding, collaboration and acceptance in communities of diversity and need. Our programs are run by talented resident artists who are experts in their fields. With public support, we are able to keep our programs free for our participants. We believe that the arts should be available and accessible to all.


ARTS by the People is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our mission is to establish, operate, promote, and conduct educational programs, opportunities, classes, and sessions in the creative arts for the public, especially senior citizens and youth.
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