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Fundraising Campaign

LIFE currently offers three locations in our community which support four hour days where caregivers and people living with Dementia (PLwD) are able to get support, education, meaningful and engaging activities and more. Our model is so successful and it calls on support from our community to understand that people can have a good quality of life with any illness if we can provide the right supports. This years campaign will allow us to start up other locations in our communities. We currently have two locations in Lorain County that we are focusing on. We are looking to start a location in North Ridgeville and Avon Lake. We have interested support from community members in both locations. Funds raised in this campaign help us create our model in new location at no cost to participants.

More About Us

LIFE offers a safe place to receive education and engagement for people living with dementia and their car givers. We do this at our Memory Café on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Vermilion and on Wednesdays from 10am-2pm in Amherst. Lunch is always provided and thanks to volunteers, donations and community support, we are able to offer these services at no cost to participants. We currently serve about 100 people per week. LIFE also offers student education and engagement with high school and registered nursing students. Our goal is to bring services and ideas that are proven to be effective to one location. Our approach is holistic and focuses on engaging people with dementia at their highest ability. Our goal in the community is to identity and recognize what a Dementia Friendly community looks and acts like. The Alzheimer's Association offers a monthly support group at our memory café, as well.


Folks talk about the meaning of life. As a young person I thought of life as eternal, never ending, Heaven or Hell.
When you're young life seems like it will last forever but than the aging process comes into play.
Only God knows how our life will end here on earth. Will we have a long time to enjoy family/friends? Or, spend
those last years in sickness, with diminishing minds and greater dependence?
Today, our family knows about the later. We're watching our sweet mom's personality slip away. Once a vibrant,
independent lady is now dependent on others. Now she can only see herself in the past. Her stories of yesterday
form her today's. She no longer has plans for tomorrow because she can only look clearly into her past.
Some would say that this is so sad. They might question God's wisdom in afflicting such a sweet lady with
Dementia. What purpose does this illness play? Mom had so many happy memories and wonderful plans for her
later years. Now all lost in the dullness of her fading mind.
Thankfully, we have hope. God blessed our family with such JOY when we discovered the LIFE program. At LIFE
we find relief from the quietness of watching mom sit sleeping all day in her recliner. We find joy and
companionship from the folks at LIFE who are also caring for a loved one with Dementia. We find encouragement
from the testimonies, memorials and memories that come from those whose lives have come to an end after
suffering too long from dementia. Only at LIFE have we found the energy we need to move forward while dealing
with a disease that forces its victim's to live in the past.
Thank you, to our LIFE family for providing this blessed encouragement and support.
God Bless you all.
Shirley Himeback, Claireʼs daughter
Angela Scott, Claireʼs care giver

More Testimonials:

1. Very helpful and caring group. It's the first time for us. This group was very welcoming. I think this group will be a great support through this journey.

2. I love that everyone at L.I.F.E. accepts my Mom just the way she is, even on her "salty/spicy" days!

3. Watching my husband basically evaporate before my eyes is discouraging and challenging to say the least. This life group gives me the tools, strength and encouragement to get through this long journey.

4. I am a volunteer and I love this program. Everyone is so special. And we are a large extended family.

5. My husband, Stan, was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia, our Neurologist suggested we visit LIFE Memory Café at least 3 times before deciding if it was for us. We've visited twice so far, everyone is so nice, informative and helpful. This is a group I think will be quite an advantage for us going forward with the Disease. Madel Lancastor

6. L.I.F.E. A group that shows me I am not alone. Seeing my Mom active and smiling is a Blessing. Talking to some of the best persons that knows what you're going through. I've grown so much as of a Caregiver. Marta

7. I like the people, location, crafts, music and having lunch with 'others'.

8. L.I.F.E. Fabulous, marvelous etc. Provides an opportunity to socialize and enjoy games. I no longer sit at home bored and look forward to attending.

9. We heard about L.I.F.E. two years ago. We came to visit at the Vermilion Church on Tues and Thurs from 10:00 to 2:00 pm. We found a program which was people loving people. They also had a love for Jesus. Two ladies that started the program was very efficient. They spent a lot of time setting up L.I.F.E. I feel it is very helpful each person can exchange ideas on their needs. I would recommend it very much. Also the exercise program that Phillis runs is help for the elderly. Also thank God for our love that is felt here. Something that needs to be started state wide. Also they are starting new chapter in Amherst. All the volunteers are a Godsend. John W Scott-caregiver JoAnne L Scott- Lewy Body Dementia

10. Ralph a Participate says: It's a great place to be. I like it for the fellowship and activities- it improves your memory. And I enjoy doing the crafts and exercises. Appreciate the music. Kathy- Ralphs' wife: This program is very unique. My husband loves all the fellowship and activities here. I see a big difference in his attitude and memory since he has been attending. I enjoy the program as well. It gets both of us out of the house and we enjoy all the beautiful socialism and activities and the care providers. Meeting helps keep me sane.


LIFE's mission of faith is to care partner with anyone touched by dementia, and offer resources, education, and engaging activities which promote and improve quality of LIFE.
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