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Fundraising Campaign

Guardianship and Trusts Corporation received a 1997 grant from the Helping People in Crisis Council of the United Way of Middle Tennessee to establish the GTC Fiduciary Fund.
The purpose of the fund is to provide GTC with the means to ensure guardianship and conservatorship services for wards with critical needs who could not otherwise afford the services. Guardianship & Trusts objective is to assist indigent elderly/disabled clients assigned by the court to our conservatorship with housing and care plan coordination, financial management, benefits processing, review and consent for medical treatments, and legal support services--despite the person's inability to pay.

GTC Fiduciary Fund is set up for our indigent elderly / disabled clientele to help defray the expenses and costs of providing services of:
1- Setting up monthly home care, visits, medical appointments, health insurance, safety and wellness assessments. Any met service items will be recorded on progress notes and will be measured to assess and track the wards level of need and focus on care management.
2- Assist the ward in making and recording financial and medical decisions such as arrangement of care needs and residential care. Most wards in our conservatorship program have monthly reviews of their financial status. Our staff meets with the care teams for our wards to seek updates on their care and areas of needed support or concern. We do no turn away anyone in need of care and support.
3- Employ well-trained and certified conservators by annual certification requirements set by the National Guardianship Association (NGA). We will have obtained our employees annual (re-) certification.

More About Us

Guardianship & Trusts Corporation (GTC) was founded in 1981 and exists to serve the people who are unable to make informed and rational decisions about financial, medical and other critical life matters. As our name suggests, GTC specializes in Guardianship/Conservator and Trust programs.
We assist in making this possible by providing financial management and defined personal services as authorized by the courts and fiduciary documents. GTC is equipped with legal advisers and certified guardians that work for the person's best interest. There is a great need for conservatorships in Middle Tennessee is for adults 65 and over, because there is no public guardian service available to that age group and there are no other organizations serving individuals who are not able to pay. Our client roster consists of those persons affected by Parkinson's'; Dementia; Stroke; Alzheimer's; Down Syndrome; Cerebral Palsy; Intellectual Disability (all levels); and a category of Mental Illnesses.

GTC coordinates of all necessary services for the aging community in the following areas: Care oversight; Financial management; Medicare & insurance benefits processing; Treatment review and consent; Placement assistance; and Legal assistance which are all essential to the client to ensure the best outcome while maximizing their independence.
Indigent wards comprise 28+% of our current clientele. Our strategic goal for the new year is to approach new grant opportunities to support our non-profit organization and support our overall mission.


The Guardianship & Trust Corporation of Tennessee (GTC) exists to serve clients in the State of Tennessee who, by reason of intellectual disability, mental illness or other impairment of intellect, are unable to make informed and rational decisions about financial, medical and / or other matters.
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