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We serve seniors who are at or below the federal poverty guidelines in the Greater Omaha Area. We believe dreams are more than tangible things. A "dream" is a life experience; a long-awaited fishing trip, multi-generational family portraits, seeing your granddaughter walk down the aisle, a conversation with your son who is overseas serving our great country. Dreams give the gift of hope and the need is great. We want to fulfill more dream requests for qualifying seniors, enrich the quality of emotional health of our recipients, and help to create lasting memories for their families.

It is well understood that a non-profit can't exist without the support of its community. The granting of a life-long dream is a very simple task, but the impact is great. Dreamers have stated that they are happier, feel healthier and have a greater sense of accomplishment after their dream is granted. We strive to help connect our Dreamers with family and friends and create excitement through their dream, helping to eliminate the feeling of isolation in their final days. Fulfillment of life-long dreams not only enriches one's quality of life, it can minimize pain, and help to establish a proper farewell for all involved. These activities affect the entire community, changing people's perception on aging; Not only how we as a community view our most cherished generation, but how we see ourselves aging. With your support, we can build a community culture that values and respects all of those who live here.

For #Give65, Dreamweaver has secured a matching donor. So, for every dollar given, it will be matched 100%, allowing us to grant even more dreams for deserving seniors!


Dreamweaver came into our lives as such a crucial time and were instrumental in creating a precious memory for my folk and the entire family. We are so grateful! - Tasha

My mother, Mary, has be preparing for her dream - Going to a show on Broadway in New York City - by walking around her facility. My mom is 87 years old and has COPD, so walking and being able to catch her breath is a challenge. As an outcome of all the walking, she has lost 15 pounds, making everyday tasks so much easier on her. The staff in her facility is event saying she is happier than they have seen her in a long time…she just has a spark. - John

For us, it was like we were in this huge black hole and Dreamweaver came along and pulled us out for a little while...A reprieve for a time. - Julie


Dreamweaver Foundation is dedicated to fulfilling the dreams of seniors who are terminally ill, making their life-long dreams come true through incredible experiences they will never forget.
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