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Central Texas Advocates for Seniors (CTAS) was established in 2007 to provide a networking opportunity for professionals that serve the senior population. Since that time, it has grown to provide education for those professionals, as well as education for family caregivers and the community. Most recently, CTAS has added a service that focuses on meeting emergent needs for seniors where resources are not otherwise available. Examples of some of these services include drug co-pays during the "donut hole" or before insurance coverage "kicks in", emergency food supplies while waiting for programs to become effective, diabetic shoes when Medicare doesn't pay, emergency supply of disposable undergarments, replacement recliner for those dependent on the recliner for positional sleeping, a chair-lift allowing the senior to access her bedroom, durable medical supplies not provided by Medicare or Insurance and much more.

CTAS is committed to identifying and providing special needs and services for seniors who feel they have no where else to turn. Help us make a difference in the lives of seniors in need in our communities.


To promote, educate and advocate for seniors as well as the professionals who serve them.
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