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The Bristol Hospice Foundation of CA realizes many of our seniors who are on hospice care need assistance with more than their medical needs. We have launched a patient and caregiver support program to assist patients and families with non-medical needs. We provide for non-medical urgent needs that directly effect the a care and comfort of hospice patients and their caregivers by supply things such as food, bedding for a hospital bed, fans/heaters, etc.

More About Us

The Bristol Hospice Foundation of CA Patient Care Funding program provides access to care via funding for patients/seniors who qualify for hospice care but who are uninsured, underinsured or whose coverage benefits have run out. Patient care includes skilled nursing care, certified home health aides, medications, medical equipment and supplies, medical social workers, bereavement support and education that promotes quality end-of life care. When the focus of medical care changes from cure to comfort, hospice can provide physical, emotional, practical and spiritual support for the entire family. Funding hospice care for those who qualify, but do not have funding can change the life of not only the patient but the family by allowing them to focus on what matters most - making every moment count.

Bristol Hospice Foundation of CA was originally created in association with Kern Hospice in 1979. In July 2001 when Kern Hospice was acquired by Optimal Healthcare the existing 501(c)3 changed its name to Optimal Hospice Foundation. The Foundation increased its service area in 2002 when Optimal Hospice Care began providing services in Fresno and Madera Counties. In 2018 Optimal Hospice was purchased by Bristol Hospice and in 2020 all location names were changed to Bristol. To reflect the Foundation's partnership with Bristol Hospice the Foundation's name was changed in December of 2021 to Bristol Hospice Foundation of CA. The Foundation's primary function is to encourage excellence in hospice care and other compassionate programs for seniors facing a life-limiting illness. Although most of the cost of hospice care is covered by insurance, some hospice families are uninsured or underinsured, so Bristol Hospice Foundation of CA steps in to assist. With relief from this financial burden, families can focus on making every moment count.


"For all the kindness you have shown, For sympathy in sorrowing days, for friendship's healing touch. With gratitude our hearts are full, though words cannot convey the tender thoughts and thankfulness we hold for you today. God bless you, and we thank you for your service."
- From the family of an Optimal Hospice Care patient

"A very special 'Thank You' for the excellent care you folks gave to my wife in the most difficult, last days of her life"
- From the husband of an Optimal Hospice Care patient

As Teddy explained it, "The insurance provided by my employer was coming to an end, and although I could've had a temporary continuation of group health coverage, I couldn't afford the $900 per month premium." "Without the assistance from the Foundation, there is no telling what might have happened. I had days when my body would break down, and without the care, I would have been gone."


Bristol Hospice Foundation of CA is a non-profit organization established to commit its resources to activities which are intended to ensure hospice care & other compassionate programs are available for families facing a life-limiting illness with particular emphasis on the underinsured/uninsured.
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