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Summer Vacation Experiences

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Description of project

At Little Brothers, our Summer Vacation Experiences help isolated, lonely elders make fun summer memories and savor beautiful weather, all while surrounded by friends. Instead of watching on as the city enjoys the season, our elders are able to come out of their homes and spend cherished time with friends.

For 13 weeks from June through September, elders escape the city to peaceful Audrey's House, our summer vacation retreat and year-round program center in Batavia, IL. There, our elders are immersed in friendship during a three-night, four-day getaway filled with activities, like a trip to the theater, walking the path that encircles the house or playing card games together.

Day trips to Audrey's House give more elders the chance to enjoy fresh air and wide-open green spaces. Our elders find so much happiness and relaxation vacationing or day tripping that they often tell us their regular aches and stresses disappear while they're away.

We also provide staycation experiences to our elders, bringing the fun and rejuvenation of time away closer to home. We host a Spa Day, a Summer Luau, and go on outings to the museum or aquarium, for example. And our elders get to enjoy new experiences or reconnect with a beloved pastime. Last summer, Charles caught his first fish in 40 years during an afternoon of fishing and picnicking at Busse Woods.

Our homebound elders receive visits from volunteers and staff throughout the year, and summer visits include specially themed games, activities and gifts. Our volunteers make friendship feel like sunshine, sharing their time, laughter and conversation to make special memories and meaningful new friendships.

Nearly 400 elders will have a summer filled with friendship and unforgettable memories. All funds raised through Give65 and your generous support make this possible. Our programs, activities, events and services are always provided at no cost to the seniors we serve.

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