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Burlingame, California

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SpiritCare serves 66 care communities in the San Francisco Bay Area with Christian worship services and emotional support, for both residents and carers. With the COVID-19 pandemic we have been unable to visit in person, but have recruited volunteers to send cards, masks, videos and music. We have also had volunteers make quilts and blankets for wheelchair users. We need support to pay our pastors who minister online to some of the homes, contact others regularly by phone and provide online messages. Activity Directors can share the messages with residents. There is also a need for counseling as many seniors are frightened by the pandemic, confused or lonely.

More About Us

We reach about 1400 seniors, many of whom have no other visitors. The contact the pastors and volunteers provide helps them be less agitated and enjoy memories. Care community staff are very stressed at this time and our pastors have helped them by counseling them too.


" Rev. Sue Ann has been wonderful, sending her weekly prayers and our Residents are enjoying them." Kathleen Sullivan, Activities Director, San Carlos Elms.

"I enjoyed saying my poem in front of the group of seniors, and playing the piano for them. The residential community was so beautifully decorated and a nice place to visit." An 8-year-old volunteer.

"Interacting with the Seniors gives me so much joy. I can see the glow of happiness in their eyes as they start talking to me. I see they need somebody to talk with and to listen to their stories. Being here today is very fulfilling."

"I met some amazing women! This experience is such a blessing! It really is more blessed to give than to receive!"

"Just loving the elders I visited today was a special experience. They shared their concerns and they were so appreciative of hearing about happy family and community activities than the negative news on the TV."


The purpose of SpiritCare Ministry to Seniors is to serve the spiritual and emotional needs of the elderly living in long-term care centers by:
- sharing the comfort and encouragement of the gospel of Jesus Christ
- providing chaplaincy services for hospital residents and staff
- organizing and supervising worship and visitation teams from various churches and community groups
- educating the public about issues of aging and spirituality through publications, seminars, and special events
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