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The only thing standing between a vulnerable senior and the dangerous Florida summer is your donation - and the air conditioner it will provide.

Description of project

During the summer, temperatures inside a home without reliable air conditioning can reach dangerous highs. While many seniors simply cannot afford the higher electric bill from running a central unit for hours every day, some no longer have a functioning HVAC system. According to the CDC, complications from heat exhaustion kill more people each year than hurricanes, tornadoes, lightning, floods and earthquakes combined. The elderly are particularly vulnerable to being adversely affected by excessive heat due to slower adjustment of the body to changes in temperature, increased risks associated with other medical conditions and prescription medicines that can impair the body's ability to regulate temperature or inhibit perspiration.

That's where Council on Aging comes in. We'll provide a free window air conditioner to the most vulnerable elder adults in our community, and in many cases we will install the unit for them too. This outreach has saved lives and enabled seniors to live through the hot Florida summer with dignity, comfort and safety.

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