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Description of project

The importance of our Transportation program cannot be overstated. It provides door-to-door, demand response transportation services for Hamilton County residents age 50 and older. PrimeLife Enrichment is the only agency in Hamilton County that offers such service, as well as the only County agency to transport local veterans to the Roudebush VA Medical Center and other out-of-county medical facilities. Unlike public transit, we can also accommodate frail individuals requiring hands-on assistance and/or those with behavioral and other related issues.

We help seniors by providing transportation to and from the PrimeLife Enrichment Center as well as doctor and medical-related appointments. If necessary, our drivers will accompany clients to a specific office or destination within a building or medical facility. With the client's permission, drivers will also enter dwellings to carry parcels or provide additional assistance such as helping to transfer the client to a travel wheelchair. Drivers typically do not stay with clients at their destinations, however, exceptions may be made based on scheduling needs.

In compliance with the Older Americans Act, PLE charges no transportation fees for individuals aged 60 and older traveling within eight miles of their home. (No fee is charged for medical trips more than eight miles.) For those aged 50-59, we charge a fee of five dollars each way assuming they have the ability to pay. Modest additional fees are charged for trips beyond eight miles. However, given that 80% of our transportation clients have incomes below 200% poverty, PLE will reduce or waive fees for clients who cannot afford to pay.

PLE has a total of four low floor mini-vans, all of which are wheel chair accessible. Transportation runs typically begin at 8:00 a.m. and end at 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. In calendar year 2018, PrimeLife Enrichment's Transportation program provided 8,455 one-way trips for 213 elderly and/or disabled clients.

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