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Connecting humans and horses for better quality of life!

Description of project

CHAPS is working with our local senior center to serve people with dementia as well as their caregivers. Our goal is to provide services to the elderly in a warm, safe environment such as the community center and/or long-term care facilities. The ponies will travel to the community center and/or the long-term care facilities to work with people on memory/recall, verbalization and social skills as well as fine and gross motor skills.

Because this is a new program, impacts are not yet available. However, it is our hope the program will spark conversation between the elderly and their caregivers. We also hope to bring back pleasant memories and provide incentive to socialize and verbalize.

Our ponies travel to veteran long-term care facilities now and the veterans love it. They are eager to see the ponies and will spend the entire two hours soaking up the information we give them about horses as well as grooming and interacting with the ponies and each other. Several of the veterans have told us the ponies are the highlight of their week.

It is our goal to enrich the lives of our elderly through pony interaction. Grooming and petting the ponies strengthen arm and hand muscles. Learning about horse parts, coat colors and breeds spark conversation as well as providing a chance to improve memory and recall. We expect the ponies to bring back memories which leads to telling stories to others inviting socialization and interaction.

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CHAPS is a small non-profit working to connect humans and horses for a better quality of life. The benefits of equine therapy are abundant and provide people with a unique, meaningful experience each...read more

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CHAPS' mission is to provide high quality equine therapies to youth, adults and veterans with physical, mental, social and/or psychological disabilities. ...read more

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