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Peninsula Volunteers is based in San Mateo County's Menlo Park, in northern California, and serves more than 5,000 individuals a year.

Through our mission statement, to "create, through high quality and nurturing programs for the aging, a community in which seniors are engaged, cared for and respected as vital members," We operate through our two program sites, Little House Activity Center and the Rosener Adult Day Services House, as well as through Meals on Wheels, and a housing program for low-income seniors that operates in conjunction with our sister organization, Peninsula Properties, Inc.

Little House's programs are designed to elevate clients' quality of life through health and wellness activities, intellectual stimulation, and socialization. These programs range from fitness classes that encompass yoga, as well as personalized fitness plans executed in an on-site gymnasium; arts and crafts programs that engage youth to participate alongside seniors; and a newly rebooted technology education program.

In the 21st century, the technology education program expanded its focus from learning basic computer skills to bring mobile-device fluency to San Mateo County's senior population. The shift to mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, plugs more seniors into a digital world, allowing the chance to exercise independence and connectivity. The opportunity to learn and practice how to use these devices in six-person classrooms increases the likelihood of adopting the technology into everyday use, heightening seniors' ability to remain in touch with family and friends, and to access Internet inventions that simplify living. Some examples of the technology classes we offer include: basic functions of a smartphone and tablet, how to set up and manage an email account across multiple platforms, set up and manage social media accounts, how to shop, and how to manage bank accounts.


"The tech lab is comfortable and quiet. Bill is a very good tutor. Today I learned how to print attachments. It can be hard because so many people only communicate through phones and the computer. I'm so glad I have someone kind and patient who can help." - Jean MacDonald

"I know very little about how to use my phone. I asked family members to help but they grew impatient with me. This is the class for me. I feel comfortable here and the instruction is excellent. I enjoy my classmates and learning from students my age." - Yvonne Lynch

"I use the tech center almost every day. It's a good place to socialize and communicate. I use the computers to get questions answered and stay informed. I also like to show new folks how to use the computers and other equipment. I don't have a computer at home and it would be an added expense for me." - Icy Adams

"My best tutoring experience is when I was working with a 92-year-old woman. She wanted to play scrabble with a friend in South Carolina. She was very happy once I showed her how and I felt like I was making a great impact on her quality of life. In general, I think the program allows seniors to connect with family, especially grandchildren. Isolation is a big issue for older people. By using mobile devices older people feel less lonely and more relevant. Being able to connect generations is a fantastic benefit for everyone." - Bill Warner, technology tutor


Peninsula Volunteers aims to create, through high quality and nurturing programs for the aging, a community in which seniors are engaged, cared for and respected as vital members.
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