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Fundraising Campaign

The #GIVE65 Event will take place July 15- 17, with scheduled giving July 13-14. The Home Instead Senior Care Foundation will be matching up to $5,000 of the donations we receive during the event. But the matching funds go fast. Scheduled gifts are the first to be matched, so please consider scheduling your gift to make double the impact!

This year, our GIVE65 campaign is focused on raising funds for our new Rural Community Outreach (RCO) program:

The RCO program was created in response to the specific needs of rural communities. The purpose of the program is to actively engage with rural communities in a way that promotes community-building, expands programming based on local needs, and creates lasting change. Centered around creating meaningful relationships, the RCO program focuses on strengthening each community by connecting people with Parkinson's to each other, to local resources and leaders, and to the statewide Parkinson's network.

The most crucial part of the RCO program is the development of the local community action committee (LCAC). The LCAC is a group of motivated professionals and community members who take on a leadership role in the local community. Through the RCO program, the LCAC will be provided with the tools and resources to assess their community's needs and develop a community-based Parkinson's wellness program to meet those needs on an ongoing basis. With guidance from Parkinson's Nebraska, the LCAC will design a program to meet an identified need and receive a grant up to $500 to support the program.

Through the program, the target community will receive:
◾ A Parkinson's community needs assessment
◾ Personalized, technical assistance available to access online programs - if needed
◾ A unique community presentation based on local needs and resources
◾ A 1-2 week online wellness program that introduces a variety of Parkinson's programs
◾ The development of a LCAC
◾ Up to $500 to support a Parkinson's program or project identified by the LCAC
◾ Ongoing communication and support from Parkinson's Nebraska

The Rural Community Outreach pilot program is expected to be rolled out in the fall of 2020. Your GIVE65 donation will support the RCO program and help us impact communities all across Nebraska. Thank you for your continued support of the Nebraska Parkinson's community!

More About Us

We are committed to strengthening the Nebraska Parkinson's community by spreading awareness and connecting families with resources to help them live a quality life with Parkinson's disease. We are passionate about overcoming the barriers that Nebraskans affected by PD encounter along their journey. In collaboration with our local and national partners, we are able to develop and expand innovative Parkinson's services and increase accessibility in communities across Nebraska.

Online programming has become the new standard for service delivery during the Covid-19 pandemic. We recognize this as an opportunity to reach rural and under-served communities in a new way, and want to capitalize on the increase of virtual programs. This year, our focus is on actively engaging with under-served communities through the Rural Community Outreach (RCO) program.


Parkinson's Nebraska is on a mission to be the primary source of Parkinson's disease education, support, and services in Nebraska. This means all of Nebraska - with rural communities as a primary focus.

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