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Meals for Seniors

by 55 Kip Center

55 Kip Center! Keeping Seniors ageless through Art, Fitness, Nutrition and Technology. The Kip Center serves a nutritious, hot lunch daily at the center. Kip Cafe features a full course home cooked meal on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Light breakfast is available on weekdays. All preparation and cooking is done on premises.

Since 1985, the Kip Center has been a haven for the seniors in Bergen County. It is a vibrant and extremely active place for seniors to congregate in, exercise, have informative discussions, paint, and enjoy a hot, home cooked meal.

The proceeds from this donation will be used to support our crucial hot lunch fund, which serves over 800 members with an estimated $20-22,000 yearly expenditure. We would be grateful to count you as a partner who helps us provide support to our community and our neighbors.

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$5,000.00 $724.11

Aid for our Aging

by Ability Found

Ability Found is seeking support to enhance its services to seniors in need of durable medical equipment. Seniors served by this program are living at or below the poverty level, making access to necessary equipment next to impossible. Seniors in need rely on Ability Found to locate, refurbish, deliver, install and/or fit durable medical equipment so they can enjoy a greater quality of life.

Every gift makes a difference...and your funds go a long way. With a donation of just $350, Ability Found is able to locate, deliver, install and provide instruction to a senior who is in need of two bathroom grab bars, a bedside commode, a shower chair and a wheeled walker. This is life-changing for these folks!

Support from the general public makes the work of Ability Found possible for seniors in West Valley City and surrounding communities. Please join Ability Found in its efforts to give our grandparents, parents, neighbors, and friends the safety, freedom and independence they so deserve. Your generosity is very much appreciated by the Ability Found staff, and the seniors they serve.

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$5,000.00 $25.00

Witwer Healthy Aging Program

by Aging Services, Inc.

Witwer Health Aging Programs have been serving older adults in Linn County for over 35 years. The Witwer Senior Center opened in 1982 and served Linn County older adults until 2008 when the Cedar River caused epic flooding that destroyed the Center and devastated downtown Cedar Rapids. Losing the Senior Center was a huge loss to our community. Witwer Healthy Aging responded to the loss of the building by re-creating itself into a "Senior Center Without Walls.' Instead of one building, programs are now offered throughout the community at thirteen different sites. These include several locations in Cedar Rapids, Marion, Hiawatha, Springville and Ely. By reaching across so many communities, Witwer is able to meet the needs of individuals with limited access to transportation and who prefer to remain in their home community.
Witwer Healthy Aging Programs offer lifelong learning and socialization opportunities to older adults. These include evidence-based programs to promote health and prevent disease among older adults. Examples are nutritional education as well as fall prevention classes. In addition, Witwer offers health clinics, technology classes, art classes, book clubs, music and educational programming to promote healthy aging.
Funding for senior programming continues to be reduced, limiting the amount of service that can be provided and putting the services at risk of not being financially feasible in the future. The seniors in our community have already lost their Senior Center and cannot afford to have these vital programs cut. Aging Services is committed to providing quality programing to older adults in our community and with your help and support, Witwer Healthy Aging Programs will continue to serve older adults for many years to come.

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$10,000.00 $8,135.00


by Alive Hospice, Inc.

Telehospice addresses major issues that hospice patients and providers struggle with, the greatest being access to immediate care. When a situation arises that would typically require medical attention, patients will contact their nurse or our call center staffed by clinicians. If a patient and/or their caregiver feel it is an urgent situation and a nurse or physician is unable to provide immediate in-person medical care, such as with rural patients where the driving distance is further, or patients in a city who feel they have an immediate need they will now be able to visually connect with the clinicians in our call center. Every patient is different and has unique needs, however, some patient needs are more immediate or more frequent than others. Videoconferencing technology will allow clinical staff better communication with these patients who may need additional attention from time to time. Family members will no longer have to wait anxiously for a nurse to arrive, or struggle over the phone to describe difficult medical issues. Our on-call clinicians will be able to more effectively evaluate issues as they arise by having visual information and a face-to-face conversation, and patients and families will have the comfort of being able to actually see a clinical provider. Telehospice will provide our patients with improved and visual "on demand" care, and will give our senior patients and their families the reassurance that they can access care whenever they are in need. Alive sees a small number of "delayed response" comments on the satisfaction survey that is conducted after a patient's death. With this telehospice project, we expect to show a decrease in those comments.

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$10,000.00 $6,595.00

Alpha Center Adult Day Services

by Alpha Center, Inc.

The Alpha Center Adult Day Services in Muncie, IN has a tremendous impact on local seniors. Its purpose is to provide social and cognitive services to clients who are in need. All individuals require social interaction and genuine appreciation, and that is found at the Alpha Center. As an adult day service, the Alpha Center also provides respite for caregivers by allowing them to maintain jobs in order to provide for themselves and their mother or father. The Alpha Center is an incredibly vital service in Delaware and surrounding counties in East Central Indiana.

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$2,000.00 $0.00

Support Project Lifesaver in Whatcom County

by Alzheimer Society of Washington

In 2007, ASW began a coordinated project with the Whatcom County Sheriff's office to adopt the national model of Project Lifesaver to aid in the search and rescue of missing Alzheimer's patients. Project Lifesaver is for anyone who might have a tendency to wander, but who might not have the ability to find their way home again.

Project Lifesaver uses radio-frequency transmitters and receivers to enable tracking of people suffering from various brain ailments including Alzheimer's disease. The Whatcom County Sheriff's office purchased five sets of receiver equipment to track the transmitter bracelets purchased by ASW for placement on affected individuals. If or when a participant goes missing, a deputy sheriff responds to the place where the individual was last seen and attempts to locate the signal from the bracelet. If he can do so, the individual is quickly found and returned to a safe environment. If he cannot hear the signal, he calls for the assistance of trained search and rescue volunteers who will search for the individual.

Project Lifesaver equipment can save time, money, and lives. The first case was reported 3 hours after the person went missing, and the search time was just 10 minutes with the Project Lifesaver equipment. The missing person was located ½ mile from his residence, and returned to his family unharmed.

Give65 will help support the cost of creating and distributing a video so that everyone in Whatcom County is aware of Project Lifesaver.

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$5,000.00 $3,282.00

Eat, Move, Relax for a Pain-Free Life!

by Arthritis & Wellness Institute

The Arthritis and Wellness Institute (AWI) is a non-profit senior wellness center located in sunny Clearwater, Florida. The mission of AWI is to promote and enable longevity and independence through programs that support healthy aging of body and mind.

Three broad areas of lifestyle, EATing, MOVing, and RELAXing, were identified in the Clearwater Osteoarthritis Study as important in preventing, managing, and to some extent, treating arthritis and most diseases of aging. Subsequently, they all have been linked to improved quality of life and have now become the foundation of the programs devised by AWI.

AWI offers three different types of weekly classes: Functional Fitness, Nutrition, and Yoga. The Functional Fitness classes are led by a highly experienced Physical Therapist who was part of the original research study. Our Nutrition program includes topic-specific classes, one-on-one counseling and group weight management classes let by a Registered Dietitian. And our Gentle Yoga classes are led by a highly trained instructor who is also a Registered Nurse. All yoga classes can be modified to meet any physical limitations.

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$5,000.00 $50.00

Home Delivered Meals

by Bingham County Senior Citizens Center

No senior should ever have to worry about their next meal. Seniors in Bingham County rely on the Bingham County Senior Center not only for a warm meal, but a daily safety check, friendly visit, fresh produce, canned food and milk throughout the year, as well. A majority of the seniors we serve are low-income and are unable to pay for their meals. The funds raised during the GIVE65 Event will help us to continue providing a warm meal and some companionship to the vulnerable, homebound seniors in our community.

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$10,000.00 $50.00

Dementia Friendly Community

by Bloomington Hospital Foundation, IU Health Alzheimer's Resource Service

Funds to cover supplies for a new program at Hoosier Hills Career Center taught by staff of the IU Health Alzheimer's Resource Service to encourage high school students to obtain a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) License by the time they graduate from high school. The community has a huge shortage of CNAs and this will provide an avenue to increase the number serving the elderly in our community, plus the added bonus of assisting high school students with obtaining a valuable career option, making them employable right out of high school. A simple concept that will pay big dividends in our community!

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$10,000.00 $2,550.00

CFC Services for Older and Vulnerable Adults

by Catholic Family Center

Catholic Family Center's Adult and Aging Services provide special, specific and vital services for adults and aging adults (17% of our clients in 2015 were 65 years of age and older and nearly 30% of our clients were over 55 years of age). Partnering with agencies like Lifespan and Home Instead help extend our reach and effectiveness, integrating care for the whole-person, and keeping more aging adults in their home.

Our Adult and Aging Services program includes Adult Protective/Guardianship Services, Eldersource, In-home Services for Older Adults (with which we partner with Home Instead), Kinship Navigator (for grandparents raising family members' child(ren)) and STAR (Support to Aging Residents) Program. During 2015, we served over 5400 aging adults.

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$5,000.00 $20.00

Community Partnership Initiative

by CDM Caregiving Services

Give a Little, Give Big to the Community Partnership Initiative!

During our GIVE65 campaign, we are looking for 100 people to give $10 each - all of which will be matched 1:1 by our generous supporter, Blairco Heating and Air Conditioning. All funds raised will support CDM's Community Partnership Initiative (CPI) which helps provide those "little extras" that seniors need to thrive - such as small home repairs, for example. Through CPI, we are able to connect community businesses, volunteers, and your generous gifts to enhance lives with projects such as: building a new handrail for mobility, replacing a broken furnace for warmth, or installing a shower stool for safety. These projects keep people living where they WANT to live, and with as much dignity as possible.

Often times it's the little things in life that matter most, which is why we are asking MORE people to give at the $10 level so that together, we will all make a difference in the lives of local seniors.

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$2,000.00 $3,436.00

No One Should Go It Alone

by Cheryl Kay Foundation

Your donated dollars provide direct hands on care for our most vulnerable and valuable neighbors. Only $20 provides one hour of care, $1000 dollars provides a CareGift for a senior in need. Each CareGift is 50 hours of non medical in home care to a senior who is isolated and alone. Providing this CareGift prolongs life and independence.

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$3,000.00 $4,120.00

Wyoming PACE (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly)

by Cheyenne Regional Foundation

In 2008, the Cheyenne Regional Medical Center recognized how the PACE program could help seniors and supported legislation that brough PACE to Wyoming.Since its inception the program has helped the elderly stay in their homes and it continues to grow. Because of their success - the PACE program has out grown it current facility and will be moving to a larger facility to accommodate its expanding needs.

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$10,000.00 $1,990.00

Collabria Day Horticultural Therapy Program

by Collabria Care

Collabria Day Program's (CDP) Horticultural Therapy (HT) program can best be described by the following quote: "It's not about how to take care of plants; it's about how plants can be used to take care of people." The HT Program provides enjoyable and motivating ways for participants to be outdoors communing with nature, while being physically active, and having many social and cooperative opportunities for interaction and team work. Because of its many positive effects on our participants we wish to enhance the program with additional funding for supplies and a part-time lead who will coordinate the various activities of the program for volunteers and staff. This will also include an expansion of the inter-generational program involving New Tech High School students in the project. CDP considers HT an essential program and is committed to its ongoing success.

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$15,000.00 $15.00

Outdoor garden sitting area

by Collier Senior Resources

The Golden Gate Senior Center is located in the beautiful, old stone faced building that once housed the library. The Senior Center is situated on a corner with lovely shrubbery and plantings. Last year, the Naples Women's Club, Naples Botanical Garden and CBIA (Collier Building Industry Association) worked together to create a peaceful garden area within view of the stone paved patio.

Collier Senior Resources wishes to create a relaxing and restive sitting area to enjoy the plantings, flowers, butterflies and birds.

Will you help us? An online donation of $100 will provide an outdoor chair with comfortable cushions. A donation of $250 will buy a pair of chairs and side table to enable conversation while enjoying a sip of iced tea. And a donation of $500 will purchase a round table, four chairs and umbrella--when the Florida sun gets too hot.

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$1,000.00 $0.00

Volunteer Training, Research and Advocacy Programs for Long-Term Care Communities

by Community 360

Community 360 recruits, screens and trains long-term volunteers for nursing homes in the Omaha, Nebraska metro area. Our trusted volunteers' weekly visits make a meaningful difference in the lives of senior residents who, too often, have no one else. Trained volunteers are also a valuable source of support to the care staff in providing person-centered activities. Community 360's Give65 goal of $8,500 will fund the ongoing training and placement of these weekly volunteers, as well as national research and advocacy programs to demonstrate the positive impact of a credentialed-volunteer program on senior well-being and care outcomes in nursing homes.

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$8,500.00 $535.00