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Aging Services

by Aging Services, Inc.

Aging Services is a local nonprofit organization dedicated to helping older adults remain in their home for as long as possible. Aging Services offers a continuum of services including, but not limited to, home repairs and modifications, respite services, case management, adult day services, transportation and volunteer services. Aging Services is also dedicated to helping older adults remain active and healthy throughout their retirement.

Witwer Healthy Aging provides over 1,200 programs per year at 11 different sites throughout Linn County. Programs include health & fitness classes like Tai-Chi and Matter of Balance, social events and activities, nutritional education and additional evidence-based courses. Aging Services Witwer Healthy Aging is excited to continue our efforts to keep older adults engaged in the community. Help us provide vital programs while moving ahead to create new opportunity by donating to Aging Services today!

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Intergenerational Music Classes

by Area 10 Agency on Aging

One of our many programs here at Area 10 is supporting our senior community center called the Endwright Center. Amazing programming to support the holistic aging process, the Endwright Center engaged local musical Nathan Dillon a few years ago to begin teaching strings to older adults. In the past year, Nathan simultaneously has been teaching strings to elementary school students at a couple of local schools. As he interacted with both groups separately, he realized how much younger folks needed and didn't have positive interactions with older adults and vice versa! The idea of bringing the two groups together to "jam" with same songs they have begun to learn separately was born. The impact was palpable in the room. Taking that inspiration, Dillon continued to keep some momentum and brought the two groups together again, this time at the elementary school. Reciprocation happened through more than just exchange of location; this time the "littles" spent time beforehand making snacks to share with the "bigs" after jamming.
The Endwright Center supports this extension of creative expression through music into the intergenerational enrichment experience it is. But, we don't have funding to support it. There is much potential for extending the experience to other elementary schools in the area as well as future performance. Last fall, we highlighted the guitar group at a local United Way "talent show," which the Mayor of Bloomington attended. He, months later, invited our intergenerational group to perform at this year's State of the City speech in the local theatre.
We want to support the costs of Nathan's time to prepare for and conduct instruction at both school and Endwright locations, preferably twice weekly, with monthly jam session gatherings. Transporting our older adults and instruments requires contracting with the local transit provider. Increasing the positive experiences of "littles" with "bigs" will increase the self-esteem and curiosity, as well as enhance the lesson of listening for the students. And, for the "bigs" the energy and joy infused into their lives will give them greater sense of value and contribution to our community, and also counter the ill effects of social isolation that is so prevalent in the lives of older adults.

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Senior Safety & Accessibility

by Care Assurance System for the Aging and Homebound (CASA) of Madison County

Clients, family members, and caregivers contact us to help them address their aging issues and concerns. Our staff provides each client with a home visit to assess their individual situation, conduct a home safety check, and then provide each client with their own care management plan. CASA's goal is to provide needed direct services, at no cost to our clients, allowing them to remain in their own homes. We receive no reimbursements from Medicare, Medicaid, or insurance providers. We depend on local donations and community volunteers who deliver our services. The average CASA client's income is $1,010/month.

The concept of aging in place in its simplest form is growing older without having to move. It allows our local residents to remain as independent as they possibly can, regardless of their abilities, in homes that are safe and secure. That is the foundation of CASA's Aging in Place program. All assistance is provided at no cost to our clients, and CASA receives no reimbursement fees for any of these services. CASA currently serves 2,267 seniors and home-bound citizens.

CASA's Aging in Place program currently offers the following services:

Wheelchair Ramps, CASA Vegetable Garden, Grab Bars and Handrails, Safety Net Health Care Services, Friendly Visiting/Telephone Reassurance,
TEMP$ (Taking Energy Measures Personally = $avings), Information and Referral, Weather Assistance (A/Cs, fans), Transportation to Medical Appts.

Purpose: CASA's two primary areas of concern for our clients are safety and accessibility. Grab bars installed in and outside of their tub/shower by trained volunteers can prevent falls. For those who can no longer stand (for showering) or get up and out of the bathtub, a shower chair or tub transfer bench can make all the difference. This durable medical equipment (DME) is not covered by Medicare insurance and without CASA, most of our clients would be unable to purchase it, thus placing them at risk for falls.

Accessibility is the other barrier for many disabled or elderly clients. Going out to their mailbox can be fraught with safety concerns, especially if their front steps are without a handrail. CASA volunteers can also eliminate this risk for wheelchair-bound clients by constructing wheelchair ramps.

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Living with Dignity: Home Safety for Seniors

by CDM Caregiving Services

"Home" is a powerful word, especially for our clients. It represents the place where they feel most comfortable, where things are familiar, and where good memories can present themselves throughout the day. For the 800+ clients we serve, HOME is where they want to be. But living at home can come with challenges that are heighten by lack of financial, social, and physical resources.

CDM's Living with Dignity Program is a special fund that our caregivers can help clients access in order to help them live at home in the safest, most comfortable manner possible. There are numerous home projects that greatly impact our clients for which Medicaid won't cover, including items like ramps and handrails. But with CDM's Living with Dignity program, we can identify the clients who need assistance, work with the community to procure in-kind resources and volunteer help, and fund the appropriate materials for the home repair or enhancement. Living with Dignity truly lives up to its name: helping seniors LIVE WITH DIGNITY, safely, in the home of their choice.

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Building Renovation Campaign

by Comal County Senior Citizens Foundation

Comal County Senior Citizens Foundation needs your help to raise funds to restore our forty-five year old building into a state of the art gathering place that our community will be proud of, for serving seniors, veterans, and disabled adults.Our Purpose and mission is "Enriching the Lives of Aging Adults". We offer programs and services that enhance the quality of life of the aging population. The Comal County Senior Citizens Foundation was established as a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization in 1984. Starting out with just the Meals on Wheels home delivery program, the organization quickly expanded to include our current Senior Wellness Program, which along with the core Meals on Wheels Nutrition Program, includes Fitness, Education, and Socialization. We also have a Minor Home Repair Program available to low-income qualifying seniors that reside in New Braunfels, and we operate a Thrift Store that brings in income from donated items. One of our greatest challenges is keeping pace with the growth of our community and the influx of seniors. It is vital that our services change according to the needs of the community.

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Senior Chill Out

by Council on Aging of West Florida

During the summer, temperatures inside a home without reliable air conditioning can reach dangerous highs. While many seniors simply cannot afford the higher electric bill from running a central unit for hours every day, some no longer have a functioning HVAC system. According to the CDC, complications from heat exhaustion kill more people each year than hurricanes, tornadoes, lightning, floods and earthquakes combined. The elderly are particularly vulnerable to being adversely affected by excessive heat due to slower adjustment of the body to changes in temperature, increased risks associated with other medical conditions and prescription medicines that can impair the body's ability to regulate temperature or inhibit perspiration.

That's where Council on Aging comes in. We'll provide a free window air conditioner to the most vulnerable elder adults in our community, and in many cases we will install the unit for them too. This outreach has saved lives and enabled seniors to live through the hot Florida summer with dignity, comfort and safety.

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Lifesaving Care

by Dominican Home Health Agency, Inc. (DBA: Dominican Home Health Agency, Inc.)

Your donations between July 1 and July 11 empower Dominican Home Health Agency's In-Home Nursing Program to provide disadvantaged seniors of Metro Denver with quality nursing and personal care regardless of their ability to pay. Our care improves medication adherence and reduces hospitalizations and premature transitions to nursing homes - DHHA ultimately improves quality of life and brings dignity to homebound elderly.

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Care Coordination

by ElderHelp of San Diego

Seniors in San Diego remain our largest underserved population. While the general population in the County will increase by 38 percent by 2030, those 65 and older will increase by 130 percent - an astonishing figure that needs to be addressed.

As the County deals with inadequate affordable housing, the practical solution is to help seniors remain in their homes as long as possible. ElderHelp is one of the only agencies that meets this need - keeping seniors healthy, safe, and stable in their own homes. Our Care Coordination program services - delivered at no cost to the senior - bring more than comfort to our clients. We actually help them extend their meager incomes by saving them the expense of transportation, minor home modifications and repairs, garden services and pet care.

Of more significance is our proactive health advocacy and monitoring, which improves their well-being and averts or delays the financial hardship of needing a nursing home or long term care.

Many seniors have reached the point in their lives where their physical limitations preclude them from engaging in social and activities. Through Care Coordination, seniors also receive specialized door-through-door transportation designed specifically to meet the challenges they face. And because there are no fees, it is accessible to all seniors who live in our service area.

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Help Seniors Eat Better, Speak Clearer, and Smile Again!

by Gary and Mary West Senior Dental Center

Dental disease remains one of the most serious and widespread chronic health problems in America, especially for low-income seniors who often lack access to care.
The top three barriers to care are high cost, transportation, and lack of providers accepting Denti-Cal (CA state Medicaid)

Your donation to the Gary and Mary West Senior Dental Center will provide services to low-income seniors and put a dent in the staggering numbers:

• 41% of American seniors choose between rent and nutrition each day. Dental care is rarely prioritized.
• 70% of the 10,000 Americans turning 65 every day, have no dental insurance.
• 77% have fair or poor oral health.
• 45% are missing teeth with no dentures/partials/implants.

You can make a difference with just $10 per month or a one-time donation of $120 to provide a yearly cleaning for a low-income senior in need! Double that donation and you will ensure a senior receives the recommended two cleanings per year!

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Golden Age Home Assisted Living

by Golden Age Home

Your gift during the GIVE65 Event can assist with combating homelessness for seniors in Lockhart, Texas. Currently, GAH has the capacity to serve 16 low-income individuals. GAH is compliant with HUD housing standards and has a waiting list for individuals needing to meet the qualifications for the program. Subsidized apartments provide these residents opportunities such as social events, daily meal plans and weekly housekeeping.

Golden Age Home is dedicated to serving individuals requiring assisted living support through the promotion of independence and enhancement of their quality of life. Golden Age Home provides a vital service within the community for some of society's most vulnerable citizens. Golden Age Home is able to provide assisted living choices in a residential setting for individuals in need of assistance. In order to meet the needs of individuals regardless of their physical, mental, emotional or spiritual acuity, the Golden Age Home provides programs and services in four areas: Wellness and Independence; Member Services; Subsidized Housing; and Respite Care.

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Video Conferencing Equipment

by Golden Connections Community Center

The video conferencing equipment will allow the center to open up a whole new world of programming possibilities. The possibilities for new and exciting programs are endless. Can you imagine taking a cooking class with Emeril or learning how to Irish River dance with an instructor living in Ireland. The center plans to start using its video conferencing programming immediately upon installation of the equipment. Center staff members have spoken with OLLIE to begin video conferencing programs.

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Endowment Fund

by Home Instead Senior Care Foundation

A gift to the Home Instead Senior Care Foundation's General Endowment Fund is an investment in the future of the Foundation. Your gift to the Foundation's Endowment Fund provides long-term sustainability as we continue to work to enhance the lives of aging adults and those who care for them.

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Disaster Relief Fund

by Home Instead Senior Care Foundation

When disaster strikes a community, the Home Instead Senior Care network rallies together to support affected franchise owners, their CAREGivers and key players. Your charitable gift to the Disaster Relief Fund helps Home Instead CAREGivers and staff members who are in need of support immediately after a disaster, as well as long-term assistance through the Disaster Hardship Assistance Grant Application program. Thank you for your contribution in support of the Home Instead staff members who always work tirelessly to care for seniors - even during disasters.

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GIVE65 Incentive Fund

by Home Instead Senior Care Foundation

The GIVE65 Incentive Fund allows Home Instead Senior Care Foundation to provide matching grants and financial prize rewards to nonprofit organizations participating in the GIVE65 program. Your donation to the GIVE65 Incentive Fund inspires greater charitable giving in support of seniors most in need of our help. Our GIVE65 partnering nonprofit organizations are providing much needed support through meaningful programs, such as transportation, meals and nutrition, low-income housing, Alzheimer's and dementia care, hospice and charitable care and so much more. Your donation is an investment that creates hope for seniors!

A study by the Foundation Center reports less than two percent of funding from the nation's largest grant makers is specifically focused on seniors - even though the senior population will double in just 15 years. Furthermore, the U.S. census bureau reports that one in seven seniors is living in poverty based on the supplemental poverty measure. As 10,000 people are turning age 65 every day in the U.S., there is a tremendous need to increase the capacity of nonprofit programs and services that create hope for seniors.

In 2016, Home Instead Senior Care Foundation established GIVE65 to inspire greater charitable giving in support of nonprofit organizations that serve low-income, vulnerable seniors. Your gift helps bring hope to those seniors.

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Nutrition for Seniors

by HomeCare Services, Inc. of Dallas County

Every day people are going without the proper nutrition needed in order to maintain happy, healthy lives. At HomeCare Services, Inc. of Dallas County, it's part of our mission to help provide hot, well-balanced meals to seniors, age 60+, in our community who are food insecure and/or lacking in nutrition. This is a widespread need affecting many more seniors than people may realize. Therefore we implore everyone to take an interest in our older population and help us, help them!

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Nursing Home Concerts

by Intergeneration Orchestra of Omaha

The Intergeneration Orchestra of Omaha (IGO) is now in their 34th concert season! We are performing at area nursing homes and assisted living facilities in the greater Omaha Metropolitan area. Many of these locations do not have an entertainment budget that will cover the cost of a 50 piece orchestra like IGO. Our goal is to raise $2,100 which would cover the concerts from November-April .

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