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Meals for Seniors

by 55 Kip Center

55 Kip Center! Keeping Seniors ageless through Art, Fitness, Nutrition and Technology. The Kip Center serves a nutritious, hot lunch daily at the center. Kip Cafe features a full course home cooked meal on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Light breakfast is available on weekdays. All preparation and cooking is done on premises.

Since 1985, the Kip Center has been a haven for the seniors in Bergen County. It is a vibrant and extremely active place for seniors to congregate in, exercise, have informative discussions, paint, and enjoy a hot, home cooked meal.

The proceeds from this donation will be used to support our crucial hot lunch fund, which serves over 800 members with an estimated $20-22,000 yearly expenditure. We would be grateful to count you as a partner who helps us provide support to our community and our neighbors.

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Aid for our Aging

by Ability Found

Ability Found is seeking support to enhance its services to seniors in need of durable medical equipment. Seniors served by this program are living at or below the poverty level, making access to necessary equipment next to impossible. Seniors in need rely on Ability Found to locate, refurbish, deliver, install and/or fit durable medical equipment so they can enjoy a greater quality of life.

Every gift makes a difference...and your funds go a long way. With a donation of just $350, Ability Found is able to locate, deliver, install and provide instruction to a senior who is in need of two bathroom grab bars, a bedside commode, a shower chair and a wheeled walker. This is life-changing for these folks!

Support from the general public makes the work of Ability Found possible for seniors in West Valley City and surrounding communities. Please join Ability Found in its efforts to give our grandparents, parents, neighbors, and friends the safety, freedom and independence they so deserve. Your generosity is very much appreciated by the Ability Found staff, and the seniors they serve.

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Aging Services

by Aging Services, Inc.

Aging Services is a local nonprofit organization that offers a continuum of services to help older adults remain in their home. Aging Services Mission is to enhance the lives of older adults by providing services and resources to help them remain independent. Services include, but are not limited to, Case Management, Respite, Chore Home Repair, Transportation, Adult Day Health, Referral and Resource Services, and Volunteer Services. Witwer Healthy Aging is a program of Aging Services that is dedicated to helping seniors in our community live happy, healthy, active lives.

Witwer Healthy Aging offers countless activities and programs at over 11 different sites throughout our community to keep seniors engaged in the community. Programs range from social and physical activities to nutrition, education and evidence-based courses and opportunities. Help us to continue to provide these important programs by donating to Aging Services.

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by Alive Hospice, Inc.

Telehospice addresses major issues that hospice patients and providers struggle with, the greatest being access to immediate care. When a situation arises that would typically require medical attention, patients will contact their nurse or our call center staffed by clinicians. If a patient and/or their caregiver feel it is an urgent situation and a nurse or physician is unable to provide immediate in-person medical care, such as with rural patients where the driving distance is further, or patients in a city who feel they have an immediate need they will now be able to visually connect with the clinicians in our call center. Every patient is different and has unique needs, however, some patient needs are more immediate or more frequent than others. Videoconferencing technology will allow clinical staff better communication with these patients who may need additional attention from time to time. Family members will no longer have to wait anxiously for a nurse to arrive, or struggle over the phone to describe difficult medical issues. Our on-call clinicians will be able to more effectively evaluate issues as they arise by having visual information and a face-to-face conversation, and patients and families will have the comfort of being able to actually see a clinical provider. Telehospice will provide our patients with improved and visual "on demand" care, and will give our senior patients and their families the reassurance that they can access care whenever they are in need. Alive sees a small number of "delayed response" comments on the satisfaction survey that is conducted after a patient's death. With this telehospice project, we expect to show a decrease in those comments.

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Rose Kleiner Center

by Avenidas

The Avenidas Rose Kleiner Center in Mountain View is a supportive, caring adult day health program that encourages the vitality and well-being of less-independent older adults, enabling them to stay at home and avoid premature institutionalization. It also offers much needed respite for families. In this professional yet warm setting, adults living with a chronic disease, dementia, or a disability receive individualized therapeutic, social, and health services for some part of the day. Avenidas Rose Kleiner Center is licensed by the State of California to provide two levels of daytime care-adult day care and adult day health care. We want to make sure that everyone can attend regardless of the cost. Funds will subsidize care for low income seniors.

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Purchase of a Center Van

by Belgrade Senior Center

The Belgrade Senior Center does not offer transportation to clients at this time. We would use the van in a number of ways. We would transport seniors to and from the center for meals, social activities, educational workshop and seminars, and local outings like shopping trips and sight seeing opportunities. It breaks my heart when one of our seniors loses their ability to drive because of age related issues. They are left with very few options for attending activities and meals at the center and just getting out in general. Currently, we do have a Meals on Wheels program but not all our seniors need that once they are unable to drive. What they do need is a way to stay involved in life. A van for the Belgrade Senior Center could make a huge difference in many of our seniors lives by allowing them to stay active, involved with their friends and part of a bigger community.

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Benedictine Health Center of Minneapolis Outdoor Beautification Project

by Benedictine Health Center of Minneapolis

The Benedictine Health Center Minneapolis (BHCM) is raising funds for an outdoor beautification project that would make our enclosed patio space more life-giving and calming for relaxation, quiet time, visiting, eating and reflection. We believe that improved landscaping to our patio would uplift our seniors and patients at many levels of health and recovery.

BHCM is located on the southeastern edge of downtown Minneapolis, in a culturally and economically diverse area known as Elliot Park. Patients receive a variety of care from us including respiratory and ventilator care, short-term rehabilitation and palliative care. Underlying the range of medical conditions the facility deals with is the prevalence of patients who demonstrate challenging behaviors due to mental illness or substance abuse.

Through our care and programming, we strive to open doors to beauty and fun for each person as they deal with their challenges and health issues. ……..is partnering with us by providing their Landscaping services at cost.

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SMiles Annual Campaign

by Blount County Community Action Agency

SMiles is raising funds to create an endowment fund that will secure this program indefinitely. Help us be sure that the rides are there when WE need them!

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LivingWell Fitness

by Bridges for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Bridges is requesting support for our Adult Education & Outreach programming which offers a variety of programs, including ASL classes in three levels; workshops and trainings on Deaf language, Deaf culture, and working with the Deaf and hard of hearing communities, assistive device trainings, and employer orientations; special trainings for first responders. Adult Education & Outreach also hosts Community Building programs such as Game Days and field trips for Deaf and hard of hearing adults and is working to develop a Deaf mentor program in conjunction with our youth program. Games Days and community outings provide our senior clients with important opportunities for engagement with their community and each other!

Under Adult Education & Outreach, Bridges also offers LivingWell, our fitness center with classes and personal trainers fully accessible to the Deaf and hard of hearing, as well as a series of educational presentations, workshops, physical fitness assessments, classes, consultations, and social gatherings.

Empowerment & Advocacy, a critical piece of Adult Education & Outreach, provides services such as education advocacy, job training and placement assistance, self-advocacy support, housing, healthcare access, resource referral, and much more. Empowerment & Advocacy also hosts a series of educational workshops and events such as Domestic Violence, Legal Rights, Living Wills, VITA (tax prep assistance), etc.

Bridges for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing hopes to serve at least 150 clients through our Empowerment & Advocacy program during FY 2018. LivingWell | Fitness center will serve 90 individual clients and most will meet at least one mutually-determined fitness goals.

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Senior Safety & Accessibility

by Care Assurance System for the Aging and Homebound (CASA) of Madison County

Clients, family members, and caregivers contact us to help them address their aging issues and concerns. Our staff provides each client with a home visit to assess their individual situation, conduct a home safety check, and then provide each client with their own care management plan. CASA's goal is provide needed direct services, at no cost to our clients, allowing them to remain in their own homes. We receive no reimbursements from Medicare, Medicaid, or insurance providers. We depend on local donations and community volunteers who deliver our services. The average CASA client's income is $1,005/month.

The concept of aging in place in its simplest form is growing older without having to move. It allows our local residents to remain as independent as they possible can, regardless of their abilities, in homes that are safe and secure. That is the foundation of CASA's Aging in Place program. All assistance is provided at no cost to our clients, and CASA receives no reimbursement fees for any of these services. CASA currently serves 2,267 seniors and homebound citizens.

CASA's Aging in Place program currently offers the following services:

Wheelchair Ramps Minor Home Repairs
CASA Community Garden Grab Bars and Handrails
Safety Net Health Care Services Friendly Visiting
TEMP$ (Taking Energy Measures Personally = $avings) Information and Referral
Weather Assistance (A/Cs, fans) Transportation to Medical Appts.
Telephone Reassurance

Purpose: CASA's two primary areas of concern for our clients are safety and accessibility. Grab bars installed in and outside of their tub/shower by trained volunteers can prevent falls. For those who can no longer stand (for showering) or get up and out of the bathtub, a shower chair or tub transfer bench can make all the difference. This durable medical equipment (DME) is not covered by Medicare insurance and without CASA, most of our clients would be unable to purchase it, thus placing them at risk for falls.

Accessibility is the other barrier for many disabled or elderly clients. Going out to their mailbox can be fraught with safety concerns, especially if their front steps are without a handrail. CASA volunteers can also eliminate this risk for wheelchair-bound clients by constructing wheelchair ramps according to ADA specifications.

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CFC Services for Older and Vulnerable Adults

by Catholic Family Center

Catholic Family Center's Adult and Aging Services provide special, specific and vital services for adults and aging adults (17% of our clients in 2015 were 65 years of age and older and nearly 30% of our clients were over 55 years of age). Partnering with agencies like Lifespan and Home Instead help extend our reach and effectiveness, integrating care for the whole-person, and keeping more aging adults in their home.

Our Adult and Aging Services program includes Adult Protective/Guardianship Services, Eldersource, In-home Services for Older Adults (with which we partner with Home Instead), Kinship Navigator (for grandparents raising family members' child(ren)) and STAR (Support to Aging Residents) Program. During 2015, we served over 5400 aging adults.

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Restorative Therapy Program

by CDM Caregiving Services

CDM Caregiving Services' Restorative Therapy Program has the power to profoundly change the lives of our community's most vulnerable citizens, the elderly and individuals with disabilities. Mitzi's story illustrates the vast impact this program can have on an individual in need.

Mitzi started coming to CDM's Adult Day Center for restorative therapy in May of 2016. At that point, she weighed 330 pounds and was completely wheelchair bound. She couldn't walk and on top of the many physical health issues she faced, Mitzi was also suffering with severe depression. Today, after two years in Restorative Therapy, Mitzi weighs 216 pounds and is no longer bound to a wheelchair. When staff asked Mitzi where she thought she would be if she had never come to CDM, Mitzi replied she thought she would be dead.

The Restorative Therapy Program along with staff and community support at CDM Caregiving saved Mitzi's life, and with your support, this program has the capacity to save the lives of many more of Clark County's vulnerable residents.

Restorative Therapy is one of CDM's most utilized and vitally important programs. It is an immensely beneficial form of physical therapy which plays a critical role in restoring function to the body through a variety of active and passive range-of-motion exercises. It can help reduce chronic pain, restore mobility, and prevent falls, leading to improved independence and an increase in mental health and overall quality of life. CDM's Restorative Therapy Program is overseen by a physical therapist and tailored to meet individuals' specific needs.

For the past five years, CDM's focus has been the construction and opening of the new CDM McKibbin Center, an 8,400 square-foot Aging Care Resource Center housing CDM offices, training spaces, and the Adult Day Center. The McKibbin center is now almost complete, with the grand opening scheduled for May 2018. As CDM looks to the future, our next critical goal is the expansion and revitalization of essential programs and services within the Adult Day Center, including Restorative Therapy.

CDM is striving to expand this critical program by providing first-rate therapy equipment to a higher number of individual's in need, helping to restore mobility and life to the elderly and people with disabilities in our community.

Even small donations can make a huge difference in the lives of those who need it most.

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Memory Care with Horses

by Children, Horses and Adults in PartnerShip (CHAPS) Equine Assisted Therapy

CHAPS is working with our local senior center to serve people with dementia as well as their caregivers. Our goal is to provide services to the elderly in a warm, safe environment such as the community center and/or long-term care facilities. The ponies will travel to the community center and/or the long-term care facilities to work with people on memory/recall, verbalization and social skills as well as fine and gross motor skills.

Because this is a new program, impacts are not yet available. However, it is our hope the program will spark conversation between the elderly and their caregivers. We also hope to bring back pleasant memories and provide incentive to socialize and verbalize.

Our ponies travel to veteran long-term care facilities now and the veterans love it. They are eager to see the ponies and will spend the entire two hours soaking up the information we give them about horses as well as grooming and interacting with the ponies and each other. Several of the veterans have told us the ponies are the highlight of their week.

It is our goal to enrich the lives of our elderly through pony interaction. Grooming and petting the ponies strengthen arm and hand muscles. Learning about horse parts, coat colors and breeds spark conversation as well as providing a chance to improve memory and recall. We expect the ponies to bring back memories which leads to telling stories to others inviting socialization and interaction.

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Volunteer Training, Research and Advocacy Programs for Long-Term Care Communities

by Community 360

Community 360 recruits, screens and trains long-term volunteers for nursing homes in the Omaha, Nebraska metro area. Our trusted volunteers' weekly visits make a meaningful difference in the lives of senior residents who, too often, have no one else. Trained volunteers are also a valuable source of support to the care staff in providing person-centered activities. Community 360's Give65 goal of $8,500 will fund the ongoing training and placement of these weekly volunteers, as well as national research and advocacy programs to demonstrate the positive impact of a credentialed-volunteer program on senior well-being and care outcomes in nursing homes.

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Senior Grief and Independent Living Support Group

by Conejo Hospice Inc. dba Hospice of the Conejo

Hospice of the Conejo is the only organization in south/eastern Ventura County to provide long-term, therapist-led grief support, guidance, and counseling to seniors completely FREE OF CHARGE.

Hospice of the Conejo is starting a Newly Bereaved Senior support group in 2018. This support group will not only provide grief counseling but will also provide an independent-living curriculum to help seniors learn to take care of household duties on their own, as many are used to their spouse handling items like paying bills, writing checks, grocery shopping, 'surfing' the web.

Your support will pay for a licensed therapist to facilitate this group for a period of one year.

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Provide a Meal ... and Much More ... for a Senior


Each year, the Council on Aging of Central Oregon provides more than 82,000 Meals on Wheels to upwards of 714 homebound seniors in the tri-counties. Many live alone, on fixed and limited incomes, with few family supports. They can no longer shop for, prepare, or even afford their own meals. Those residing in rural areas are additionally challenged, as resources are few and far away.

Without Meals on Wheels, they would struggle with hunger and malnutrition, experience social isolation, and be at risk for elder neglect and abuse. With Meals on Wheels, they realize improved nutrition, better management of chronic disease, consistent visits from volunteer drivers that guard against anxiety and depression, and ongoing wellness checks that improve both personal health and home safety. Your donation will help feed these seniors in need.

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