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Musical Bridges Around the World's (MBAW) Golden Age program provides outstanding musical performances in retirement communities. The goal of Golden Age is to positively impact the lives of senior citizens by providing stimulating cultural experiences, learning opportunities, socialization, and entertainment free of charge in their communities. Golden Age brings high-quality musical performances to seniors where they are, eliminating the need to travel outside their homes or immediate communities for stimulating activities. Seniors need a variety of meaningful activities for their physical and mental well-being. Golden Age performances are designed to encourage meaningful interaction with performers and other audience members while stimulating all the senses.

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, MBAW is working with retirement communities to organize sessions to broadcast programs in a safe way in order to protect seniors while giving them the opportunity to enjoy performances. Especially in this time of isolation, MBAW strives to provide opportunities for communication from the world of the arts for those who are most secluded.

Over one third of San Antonio's 1.3 million people are ages 50+. This population is expected to grow by 16 percent over the next 5 years. Like the San Antonio population at large, the senior population is diverse: 48% Hispanic/Latino, 7% African American/Black and 2% Asian. The senior population also struggles economically. According to the American Community Survey, 10% of San Antonio senior households have an annual income of less than $10,000 and 28% less than $20,000. Golden Age provides more than 2,500 seniors each year with safe, accessible recreational activities with proven mental health and quality of life benefits.

Annual population served: 2,500 age 60+; 46% Hispanic, 48% White, 6% Other

From 1 Oct 2019- present: performances have reached 665 seniors in their very own retirement communities; 46% Hispanic, 48% White, 5% African American, 1% Asian American.

MBAW's community engagement program for seniors currently has a waiting list of 44 retirement communities and senior services centers, demonstrating the demand for such programming.

More About Us

MBAW serves the public and at-risk youth, while fostering San Antonio's reputation as a cosmopolitan cultural center and promoting tourism and development. MBAW's Board of Directors believes ART should be accessible to ALL regardless of socioeconomic status, and since 2015 all public performances have been free and open to the public. Beginning in 2020, they are live streamed for worldwide and local audiences. MBAW reaches 50,000 people annually through 7 core programs, including an art gallery and quadrennially the Gurwitz International Piano Competition. MBAW's ongoing programs are:

Musical Evenings at San Fernando Cathedral: a free concert series held on select Sunday evenings in the heart of historic downtown. | Pop. served (1 Oct 2019 - Present): 2,208, including individuals from all 10 City Council Districts; White: 31%; Hispanic: 46%; African American: 8%; Other 15%

Kids to Concerts: a community engagement program that introduces 17,000 San Antonio children grades K-12 annually to faraway cultures through music and dance. | Pop. served (1 Oct 2019- present): 14,970 in 7 City Council Districts; White: 8%; Hispanic: 82%; African American: 4%; Asian American: 1%; Other: 5%

Musical Sprouts: an original educational program that measures the impact of STEAM (STEM + Art = STEAM) curricula taught through music and art in partnership with UTSA and UT Health Science Center. | Pop. Served (1 Oct 2019- present): 4,372 children in 2 City Council Districts and Devine, Texas; White: 8%; Hispanic: 82%; African American: 5%; Asian American: 1%; Other: 4%

Golden Age: an interactive program providing outstanding musical performances in retirement communities, serving our respected seniors ages 60+. | Pop. Served (1 Oct 2019- present): 665 in City Council Districts 2, 5, 7, 8, 9; White: 48%; Hispanic: 46%; African American: 5%, Asian American: 1%

International Music Festival: an annual multi-week and multi-venue performance series featuring world-class artists in thought-provoking pairings designed to challenge mass media stereotypes that are too often the only exposure people have to foreign lands. | Pop. Served: The 2019 International Music Festival attracted attendees from all corners of San Antonio, 26 states, and 6 countries.

The Gurwitz International Piano Competition: In 2017, MBAW absorbed San Antonio's International Piano Competition. The 2020 competition, now called The Gurwitz, was the first under MBAW's direction. | Pop. Served: 6,000 attended in person in 2020. Residents from all 10 City Council Districts attended performances in person. The live stream engaged audiences in 25 countries.

The Art Gallery presents new exhibits of local and international artists quarterly, and participates in citywide art events including Foto Septiembre and Contemporary Arts Month. | Pop. Served: Estimated 500 people from throughout the Central Texas area each year.


Musical Bridges Around the World's (MBAW) mission is to transform lives through multicultural performing and visual arts by shattering barriers, creating connectivity and inspiring hope for those with least access.
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