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End Senior Hunger in Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia

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No senior should have to worry about how they'll get their next meal. Help us end senior hunger by donating today.

Description of project

Founded in 1965, Meals On Wheels Atlanta provides meals for seniors who struggle to afford or access adequate food--seniors like Phyllis P., who is 74 years old and lives in Atlanta's Vine City neighborhood. Phyllis never liked asking for help. "I was very independent. So the idea of accepting charity was foreign to me," she told us. "But cancer wipes out your savings. I only had $70 left for food when one of my friends suggested I call Meals On Wheels Atlanta."

Unfortunately, Phyllis's experience facing food insecurity is all too common. In fact, 18% of older adults in our community experience the stress and indignity of not knowing how they'll get their next meal. Hundreds of seniors like Phyllis are waiting for our service, and hundreds more are on waiting lists across the Atlanta area, often waiting up to a year to start receiving meals. We need our community's support to help us eliminate our waiting list and end senior hunger in Atlanta.

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The mission of Meals On Wheels Atlanta (MOWA) is to support senior independence through meals, shelter, education, and community. MOWA was founded in 1965 to support seniors struggling with poverty, ...read more

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