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Newark, Delaware

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Lori's Hands college student volunteers provide in-home support to people with chronic illnesses like cancer, MS, Lou Gehrig's Disease, and heart failure. While our students assist with grocery shopping, yard work and other tasks made difficult by disease, clients provide valuable insights into the human experience of chronic illness. Students serve through the student club and through service learning classes. In both cases, their volunteer experiences are life-changing parts of their academic careers, preparing them to be compassionate, informed professionals.


Lori's Hands consistently receives accolades from clients, student volunteers, and community members. Read on to learn about the impact of Lori's Hands, directly from those who participate.

From the daughter of a client: "My mom has been a gracious recipient for years now, and the volunteers continue to amaze. Currently two nursing students have been among the helpers who got her packed up from her apartment and into the new apartment. It's been especially difficult year for her with many health challenges and hurdles, so the lift from these energetic young people has been so meaningful. Emily and Kate, nursing majors, are absolutely, positively remarkable, professional and ever so helpful. They went above and beyond to pack her up and transition her to the new place, even unpacking and organizing her new closet today. All the while, doing everything with a smile and a winning attitude. With gratitude and love, Anne and my mom, Rose."

A student's perspective: "Carl and his wife Pat have taught me so much. Seeing someone as sick as Carl, firsthand, is something I've never seen before. This has given me a lot of guidance and ensured that I am making the right choice by continuing on to nursing school upon graduation in May. Carl has given me a lot of insight about what it is like to have cancer and simply how he feels on a day to day basis. Seeing how sick he is now, near death, witnessing this process with Carl has been life changing. It is amazing how open and comfortable Carl and Pat have been in talking about Carl's status; it is truly inspiring. Seeing Carl, especially last Friday when he entered hospice care, also taught me a lot about myself. Seeing how I handle these situations gives me guidance for my career and inspires me to help people like Carl and Pat."

A client's words after attending the annual Green Ribbon Gala, celebrating the work of Lori's Hands: "What a pleasure to spend a wonderful evening with so many great people with kind hearts. We truly felt the love in the room the entire evening. To see so many people united in a mission to care for others was most inspiring to us. It's occasions like this that instill us with hope for our future, and we look forward to attending next year."


Lori's Hands transforms students' understanding of community health by matching them with individuals living with chronic illness in meaningful, helping relationships. Community members receive in-home support and, in turn, educate next-generation health leaders about the experience of living with chronic illness.
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