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Home Wellness Solutions is a program of VANTAGE Aging. Home Wellness serves low-income, older adults with chronic disabilities by providing in-home assistance with vital errands, housekeeping tasks, laundry and personal care that they can no longer handle by themselves and cannot afford to purchase. Our target recipient is the older adult who is not yet eligible for in-home Medicaid services. With regular limited in-home assistance, these individuals can remain stable in their own home environments and continue to remain supporting members of their community. The stabilizing effect of in-home assistance, coupled with wellness and fall-prevention initiatives, contributes not only to our aging neighbors, but to the community by providing a viable Medicaid diversion program which in turn saves the State and taxpayers millions of dollars.

The cost of in-home services is approximately $2,000/year per person compared to the cost of nursing home care of $91,000 per year per person. During the past year, Home Wellness Solutions provided assistance to 243 older adults. 99% of those served were able to remain self-sufficient in their own homes and 93% reported that our services assisted them to remain at home. There are an additional 258 names on a waiting list.

Although the aging population continues to grow exponentially and it is much less expensive to serve individuals at home, funding for free services to those in need is declining. With minimal home assistance, older adults can often continue to live independently for many years, truly a priority for the community.

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