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Description of project

Homebound Meals, Inc. was able to receive certification to supply medically tailored meals to our clients. We became aware of a "Food as Medicine" initiative by attending the National Meals on Wheels conference in 2017. There are more people that are staying home to age in place, but a great number of them are on various medications. This is taken under consideration by doctors and dieticians in designing and preparing meals suited for these individuals. There are numerous studies that show the importance of proper diet and the role it plays in maintenance and recovery of health.

In January of 2018, due to a growing demand for services in the far north part of town, we started a route out of Parkview Regional Medical Center. Shortly after forming this new relationship with Parkview North, we were approached by the Outpatient Department to form a collaboration to help newly released patients. The case workers in this department are able to determine which patients are the neediest and the most likely to be re-admitted if they do not take care to get the proper nutrition needed to recover. Because of our certification and our solid reputation, we were asked to help and we agreed to.

Caseworkers and patients complete the Homebound Meals, Inc. application and choose which diet is most appropriate. A determination is also made as to how many free meals will be provided as part of their recovery program. Once all the details are worked out, the application is emailed to our director and we add these individuals to one of our route. These new clients, who have been identified as HCOP clients receive a number of free meals that are subsidized by Homebound Meals, Inc. and Parkview Regional Medical Center.

Now that we have over a year of experience in implementing this new initiative, we would like to expand this program. We have 3 other medical facilities that provide Homebound with meals, so we would plan to approach another provider next to further develop this program. In order to make this happen, we will need contributions of both money and volunteer hours. We do hope that you will choose Homebound Meals, Inc. as a recipient for 2019. Thank you for all you do for the community.

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Since 1971, Homebound Meals has ensured that those most in need - the aged, the ill and those with disabilities - receive regular nutritious meals delivered right to their homes. In 2018-2019 alone, ...read more

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