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Fundraising Campaign

We are raising funds to build 2 SROs that will house 4 seniors that are very low to low income. Each house costs around $350,000 to build and will house 4 seniors or 4 disabled seniors. We build all of our homes within the public transportation bus route so if the seniors don't drive they have access to public transportation. We also setup permanent supportive services such as case management, insuring that they stay on track with Doctors appointments, have access to food banks in additional to many other supporative services

More About Us

We have been developing affordable rental housing for seniors and disabled clients for about 6 years now. As housing prices increase and senior's and disabled clients income remains the same or decreases seniors and disabled individuals and or disabled seniors are faced with becoming homeless. The average senior makes between $1,200-$1800 on Social Security and the average disabled senior makes between $745-$1200 a month on SSDI. With rents starting at $1000 in most areas it makes it difficult for them to survive and most end up homeless. We are building SRO's (Single Room Occupancy) dwellings which look like a regular house on the outside but on the inside each person has a 600 sq foot dwelling equipped with a Kitchenette, Bedroom, roll in shower bathroom all combined in one living space. There is a shared washer dryer and shared full size Kitchen with a stove. Each dwelling has its own microwave and refrigerator along with a full size closet and kitchen counter space and cabinets. These units rent for no more than $350 including all utilities making it an affordable option to prevent from becoming homeless.


Our mission is to help the economically vulnerable veterans, seniors, youth aging out of foster care, disabled and homeless individuals in the very low, low to moderate income area of our region achieve financial literacy, attain housing stability and or homeownership, participate in the American dream, and contribute to more stable, vital neighborhoods. To create this transition, we offer advocacy, education, counseling, and work to increase the availability of safe, decent, affordable housing opportunities.
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