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Friendship Program, Inc. serves adults that live in the Omaha metro community and have aging and/or mental health needs. Throughout the Adult Day, Day Rehabilitation, Community Support, and Peer Support Programs our goal is to provide services that maximize a person's ability to live in the community. This is accomplished through the development of living and leisure skills as well as social supports.

Friendship Program, Inc. opened its doors in 1979 with assistance from the Sisters of Mercy. The Adult Day program was the agency's first program and started with four participants. The Adult Day program was opened originally to serve older adults in the North Omaha area. From the very beginning transportation was provided for participants to enable them to attend the program, that today is also available for medical and therapeutic appointments. The program has always had nurses available for health monitoring, assessment, and medication assistance.

As program enrollment grew, the program moved to 60th and Military, renting space from United Catholic Social Services (now Catholic Charities.) Among participants referred to the program, many had a mental health diagnosis. To better meet their needs Day Rehabilitation Services were added in 1985.

In 1994 the agency purchased a building on 73rd and Maple. Remodeling the building took about a year. Services were moved to this building in 1995 and the agency continues to operate at this location today.

Community Support Services were added in 2001 for those who need more intensive mental health services. The most recent addition to services was Peer Support. Peer Support is available to participants with a mental health diagnosis who seek the support of someone who has experienced a similar journey.

Throughout the agency's over 38 years of service the program has always worked with participants and their families to develop or maintain the skills and supports that are needed so that they may remain living in the community as independently and successfully as possible.


When asked to describe the program, participants and staff responded with the following:
"Great people and a great place"
"A place you can get help"
"A great place for recovery"
"It saved my life"
"The stigma is gone when I'm here"
"It's a very good program that does what it says it's going to do"
"Let's me know there is HOPE"
"We are family"
"It does save lives and helps people"
"It's a place to learn"
"It's life changing"
"I've learned positive coping skills and it keeps me out of the hospital"
"An adventure"
"A beautiful miracle"


Friendship Program, Inc. is a community-based agency dedicated to providing quality services for adults with aging and/or mental health needs. Services are based on our belief that each individual can maximize his or her ability to live independently within the community.
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