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End-of-Life Care Resource - Bridging those in need with end-of-life care and support.

Newton, Massachusetts

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By increasing awareness and providing a gateway to information and access to end-of-life resources, End With Care will help enhance the quality of life, at the end of life

Description of project

Locating and accessing end-of-life care can be extremely difficult, especially at such an emotionally charged and stressful time. And the need to find and coordinate care affect increasing numbers each year. End With Care is a resource for individuals, families, friends and caregiver who are in need of care and support in the final stage of life. Through our free, public website, we offer those audiences educational information and tools to find much needed resources within Massachusetts, such as counseling, support groups, hospice and palliative care, spiritual services, and in-home assistance.

Donations made through GIVE65 will help us enhance our resource, expand our provider database, promote our offerings through community outreach and education, and create a printed version of our Resource Directory to help under-served and elderly populations who might not have the technology, access to the internet, or the basic computer skills to benefit from our website. If you or someone you know is in need of care or support in Massachusetts, End With Care's easy-to-use structure and depth of information delivers an exceptionally valuable and much needed end-of-life resource.

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Many individuals and families face end-of-life challenges without access to resources and support that could help them in this emotionally difficult time. There are services, care providers and ...read more

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End With Care is a resource for end-of-life care, delivering information and access to resources for those in the final stage of life and their families, friends and caregivers. Our goal is to bridge ...read more

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