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The Stay at Home order issued in March impacted over 460,000 seniors living in San Diego. With 95% of COVID related deaths related to those 60+, seniors remain at risk and most vulnerable. Many who relied on small part-time jobs to supplement their income are struggling financially. Those with chronic medical conditions fear leaving their homes even during designated shopping hours. Some are isolated and alone. For 46 years, ElderHelp's Care Coordination program has supported seniors to live independently in their own homes and thrive. Given the restrictions imposed by the current COVID-19 crisis, we have completely revamped this program to not only meet the immediate needs of seniors in crisis, but to support their resilience as we move forward together. The demand for our services has never been greater with a 500% increase in client interactions and %130 increase in clients served. We are committed to expanding our reach as more and more seniors reach out with urgent food and transportation needs. As the ElderHelp team works tirelessly to meet these needs, your GIVE65 gift supports them. Here's how we'll use your gift:

1. To combat food insecurity, we have turned our office into a food pantry with volunteers picking up food/supplies and delivering to the doorsteps of our seniors.
2. To mitigate loneliness and anxiety, we have tripled the number of daily check-in calls and telephonic friendly visits to isolated seniors, engaging in conversation and assessing any urgent needs.
3. As a community resource hub, we're responding to hundreds of calls and emails from seniors, family members, and the community at large to direct them to helpful resources, providing comfort to anxious and bewildered residents, as well as concerned adult children who live far away from an elderly parent.
4. Mobilizing the community to help, we've converted our volunteer onboarding process to a virtual platform, engaging those who are eager to serve with those who need it most. Thorough training, screening, and background checks ensure the safety of each new connection.

Thank you to all who meet needs of older adults and support their well-being.

More About Us

For over 46 years, ElderHelp has been a trusted resource in our community, serving over 235,000 seniors and their families. vital services such as transportation, grocery shopping, advocacy, friendly visiting, and home safety/maintenance, ElderHelp improves the lives of older adults and their families. To ensure that our programs are accessible to all seniors, we deliver all services without fees attached, inviting donations instead. ElderHelp makes it possible for thousands of San Diego seniors to live independently and age with dignity in their own homes each and every year. Engaging over 300 community volunteers in the process, we build a safety net that ensures each senior's needs are being met and foster relationships that bring awareness to the needs of this vulnerable population We carry out our mission in a very personalized way, committing to working with our clients for the long term. Our staff of experienced social workers create a unique plan for each senior, matching volunteers to maximize compatibility and needs.



"You've done so much for me - for my safety and sanity. You have saved my life. And I know that you have saved other elder's lives too. You give us a sense of pride - you lose that when you get older and have to depend on others. EH has been a savior - you really have saved my life. Staff is wonderful and the organization is terrific. You don't think about being an elder and needing help, until you need it. I had lost my self of self and you guys gave it back to me. You make me feel like I'm still a person"

"Miracles happen everyday at ElderHelp, and I am one of them. Living alone is sad at times, but hearing your voice on the phone each morning gives me a reason for waking up and a purpose for living each day."


ElderHelp provides personalized services and information that help seniors remain independent and live with dignity in their own homes.
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