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2019 GIVE65 Event toolkit

Below is the 2019 GIVE65 Event Toolkit. We encourage you to use these tools and resources to help make your GIVE65 Event a success. Start with the promotional timeline and determine a strategy with your team on how to best utilize the GIVE65 Toolkit. You can also learn more by watching the recorded GIVE65 Event webinar; the link is below. 

Logos, graphics and GIFs

Promotional content + timeline

Social media content


GIVE65 Event start + end times

Hope Pages

A Hope Page is a personalized fundraising page that allows you to raise funding for your local senior-focused nonprofit. By creating your own fundraising page, you can make a personal appeal by sharing your own Hope Page URL on social media and in emails. 

2019 GIVE65 Event webinar

Year-round Resources

Playbook (for Projects Throughout the Year)

Marketing & PR Materials (for Projects Throughout the Year)

GIVE65 Event Social Graphics

Follow my lead and GIVE65

Download JPG - Follow My Lead Badge (60 KB)

Download JPG - I Gave Badge (XXX KB)

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Large presentation checks

Download PDF - A large presentation check
Download PDF - A fillable version of the presentation check

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NOTE: This is an option we have included in the toolkit for your convenience. However, Home Instead Senior Care Foundation will not reimburse the expense of production for the large presentation check.

GIVE65 Logos and Graphics (right-click and choose "Save Image/Target/Link as...")

GIVE65 color logo

  • Logo - COLOR: EPS (1.3 MB) | PNG (42 KB)
  • Logo - BLACK: EPS (1.8 MB) | PNG (55 KB)
  • Logo - WHITE: EPS (1.4 MB) | PNG (39 KB)

GIVE65 Email Signature Graphics

Social Shareable Graphics (right-click and choose "Save Image/Target/Link as...")

You can either share these graphics with social media (see the sample social posts document for examples), or use them on your website or blog. When using them on a website or blog, we encourage you to link the graphics to the URLs below.

PLEASE NOTE: All graphics are shown at half size, but will download at 470 x 236 full resolution.

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