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Avenidas Door to Door Transportation Services
For those who no longer drive, the Avenidas Door to Door program is a real lifesaver! We provide rides to medical appointments, social outings, grocery shopping and more. We also educate people on the local transportation options that meet their needs such as public transportation, ridesharing apps and other helpful resources.
Seniors used 4,900 rides to get where they needed to go

Avenidas Care Partners
When times get tough, people on the mid-Peninsula are not alone. They can contact the Avenidas Care Partners staff for multiple services including crisis intervention, family consultations, compassionate counseling, case management and professional assistance navigating complex discharge planning for skilled care, hospice or home care services.
Over 1,000 families received support from our social workers

Avenidas Generations Lab
The goal of this program is to integrate technology into older adults daily lives through education, enrichment, and exposure while shaping new products that will help them maintain connections and independence as they mature.
More than 700 people have attended a Tech Talk or a tutoring session

Avenidas Handyman Services
When people need a reliable source for minor repairs to their home, they call the Avenidas Handyman Service for assistance with painting, electrical work, carpentry, and plumbing jobs, all at below-market rates.
Our trusted handymen did 365 jobs out in the community

Avenidas Rose Kleiner Center
Participants at our adult day health program benefit greatly from the daily group exercise, various therapies, socializing, hot meals and engaging programming while their families benefit from getting a break from caregiving.
94 frail adults increased their strength through physical therapy at Avenidas Rose Kleiner Center each month

Avenidas Lifelong Learning and Leisure
People love coming to Avenidas to learn a new language, try an art class, participate in a wine tasting or test out a new hobby. The friendships formed while doing so are a wonderful side benefit!
1,235 people signed up for a new class to keep themselves involved and active

Avenidas Health and Wellness Services
Staying healthy is at the top of everyone's list and they know Avenidas offers health screenings, lectures, blood pressure checks, flu shots, therapeutic massage, podiatry and more to keep everyone at the top of their game.
1,099 adults stayed healthier through our vast array of Health & Wellness offerings

Avenidas Village
Staying in the home that they love is a goal of many, and with a membership to Avenidas Village, people have 24/7 telephone assistance, access to a large vendor network, social and cultural outings and peace of mind, knowing they have someone to call day or night for assistance.
386 people enjoyed peace of mind living in their own homes thanks to Avenidas Village

Avenidas Volunteer Program
People want a way to give back as they get older and they look to Avenidas to provide interesting and fun opportunities to put their time and talent to work.
372 volunteers were matched with projects to stay engaged


About the Rose Kleiner Center: I like all the activities here, especially the music program and the Hope discussion group run by the social worker.
Jesus Alvarado

Dad will brag to visitors that before he started going to the Avenidas Rose Kleiner Center, he couldn't even bend over and touch his knees, but now he can almost touch his toes, and he'll prove it. He's even lost 18 pounds since enrolling.
Rosamaria Alvarado

About the Village: My parents have a Village! To you readers, I send the grateful, full-hearted greetings of a daughter of this Village. I have heard much about Avenidas Village over the past years. My folks, Joy and Dick Scott, are active, dedicated members. This spring, I had a chance to directly participate in an Avenidas Village event: the "Look Good, Do Good" benefit show featuring my Mom's and Molly Agras' astonishing jewelry creations. I was able to experience firsthand the kind, committed staff and many other enthusiastic Village people who came by to volunteer, shop, visit, kibitz, and celebrate. From this Village daughter's perspective, I see that my folks' social world is not shrinking, it is expanding! New connections, good support, new friends, (and reconnecting with old acquaintances), less fear, more expansiveness, and a strong sense of interconnecting community. What a blessing! For our entire family, I say well done, Avenidas Village! Keep up the good work, and thanks!
Jennifer India Scott


At Avenidas, we seek to create a community that supports and celebrates older adults. We provide a wide range of programs, information, and services that enable people to stay active, maintain their independence, help their aging parents, or care for a spouse. Anything someone might need, from a ride to the doctor to a flu shot, Avenidas can help. Our innovative programs and compassionate staff have enriched the lives of more than 7,500 mature adults and their families each year.
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