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Using a comprehensive community-based approach to address the growing needs of older adults, AHBH provides vetted volunteers from the community to complete services for members, as well as, organizing events and activities to connect older adults and combat social isolation. This two pronged approach helps to ensure lasting mental and physical health for our members. Essential services such as transportation, food pantry delivery, check-in calls, and snow removal help reduce stress and social isolation and improve access to healthy foods. These services ensure the older adults in our service area remain in the homes and communities they love long-term without the need to transition to assisted living or long-term care.

More About Us

For many of the low-income members we serve, their trust in centralized service providers is lacking. Our organization is able to build trust by being present in the community, providing direct service rather than contracted services, and being a stable presence in times of need.

The most exciting way our organization has been able to assist our members is by scheduling and transporting them to receive their COVID-19 vaccinations. Even our tech savvy members were filled with anxiety when faced with having to maneuver multiple websites quickly to try and secure their vaccine appointments. AHBH was able to take on this task to schedule members to avoid the stress and frustration of the process. We also transported members to alleviate our members' fears in going to the right location and provide the support and companionship our members requested during the process. We assisted 23 members with scheduling and 15 with transportation.

Here are just some of the stories from the older adults we served this year (names altered to protect identity):
- Kim has lived in Milo-Grogan for many years and a member of At Home by High for two years. She receives weekly lawn mowing from our volunteer Tania during the Spring through Fall. She doesn't have to worry about spending her fixed income on lawn services and she gets to visit with Tania on a regular basis during her visits.
- Samuel and his daughter Joy with Cerebral Palsy have lived in Milo-Grogan for decades. At one point in time, he spent endless hours maintaining his pristine yard with massive magnolia trees and beautiful landscaping. He is now in his 90's, has dementia, long his leg due to an infection but is still able to live in his home while family visit daily to help keep him in the neighborhood and home he loves. With At Home by High's assistance, Calvin's family can focus on his health and well-being while we take care of his yard maintenance. Due to a recent storm, one of the massive magnolia trees split and fell into his garage creating a dangerous situation and the family feared it might completely collapse into the home. At Home by High was able to use funding from the city for outdoor maintenance to have the tree safely removed.
- Henry and Chris met through At Home by High's weekly coffee meet-ups and became friends. They shortly realized were both struggling with addiction to cocaine. They collectively made a pact to attend Narcotics Anonymous meetings together with the assistance of At Home by High's partnership with Lyft providing transportation twice a week.
- Scott loves to collect things and has trouble purging items he considers useful. He lives in subsidized housing and was informed during a regular inspection that he had bed bugs. At Home by High worked with numerous agencies to ensure he received assistance in cleaning his apartment properly and received on-going cleaning services through Senior Options to prevent future occurrences. In addition, At Home by High arranged for a new recliner to be delivered to his apartment to replace one infested with bed bugs. Furthermore, At Home by High purchased preventative bed bug pillowcases and mattress covers to curb his bedding from any potential infestation which is prevalent in the building he resides.


At Home by High's mission is to provide support, connectedness, and enable independence for adults aged 50 and older.
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