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Fundraising Campaign

The Aging Services Foundation recognized during the Covid-19 pandemic that Boulder County older adults experienced more significant degrees of loneliness and social isolation due to stay-at-home orders. But for many seniors this period just intensificied what they suffer in their daily lives.

To combat social isolation the Aging Services Foundation is developing a plan to provide opportunities for older adults to open a sustaining connection with the larger community through technology. We are raising funds to purchase refurbished smart tablets that will be installed in secure kiosks in nonprofit senior communities serving low-income seniors as well as in senior centers in Boulder County. The tablets will be preloaded with apps that allow older adults to connect through video conferencing, texting, e-book reading and links to community resources. We also will develop a virtual training program for using the applications and provide a written guide.

ASF will work with the Boulder County Area Agency on Aging and leaders at our target nonprofit senior communities to assure that the tablets are easy to use and accessible and that the apps will help foster community connections, and ease social isolation for our older adults.

More About Us

The Aging Services Foundation of Boulder County, founded in 1999 as a 501(c)3 Colorado public charity, helps fund and sustain more than a dozen nationally recognized programs and services that benefit older adults and family caregivers in our county. Many of these programs have limited or nonexistent public funding.

We are led by a volunteer board that works closely with the Boulder County Area Agency on Agency's (BCAAA) county-wide team to assess needs of older adults especially those with other imminent concerns. ASF receives zero funds from government organizations.

Our county is experiencing unprecedented growth of its older adult population which is projected to steadily increase by 58% in the next 30 years. As a result, our community must respond to a growing demand for aging services and solutions.

Our desired output from the Give 65 campaign is to help reduce and prevent loneliness and social isolation that are risk factors for older adults causing physical and mental conditions including high blood pressure, heart disease, diminished immune systems, obesity, anxiety, depression, cognitive decline, Alzheimer's disease and death.


"Having an iPad is a way that I can know what is going on in the world, even though it's hard for me to get out and about. I can check the news on the internet, and I can do research on topics in which I am interested. It wakes up my mind and helps me think more as I explore the news and the apps that can share the world with me. Being trained on how to do these things is just what I need to stay healthy both physically and mentally."


Our mission is to support and advance innovative solutions that encourage well-being, independence, and dignity, and alleviate isolation for Boulder County's older adults and family.
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