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Aging Services provides services and resources that help older adults to remain as independent as possible in their own homes in Linn, Benton, Johnson and Jones counties. Aging Services offers a continuum of services including Care Coordination, Adult Day Health Services, Chore and Home Repair Services, Transportation, Respite, Volunteer Services, and Witwer Healthy Aging Programs. The programs offered promote our mission of enhancing the lives of older adults by providing services and resources to assist them in remaining independent. In FY17, 98% of program participants reported improved or maintained daily functioning and 99% of those served expressed increased feelings of social connectedness as a result of the services they received from Aging Services.


At age 75 my mom decided to sell her home and move to live with me. This was a win-win situation for both of us. After several years it became apparent to me that Mom was having significant health problems and it was no longer safe for her to be home alone while I was at work. During a visit to the doctor, a social worker told us about Aging Services and their Adult Day Health Centers. Suddenly there was a way that I could keep working (a necessity) and know that Mom was safe and well cared for in my absence.

Initially she agreed to attend only once a week. After a fall at home she agreed it would be best to attend Monday through Friday. It has now been 6 years that Mom has been attending the Adult Day Health Center and wild horses would not keep her home. During the time that Mom has attended the adult day program she has gone from being in an almost catatonic state to being actively engaged in all that is going on around her. Through the various activities that she has participated in at the program, we have discovered a mutual love for Scrabble and card games. The daily exercises and walking at the adult day program has resulted in her having increased strength and stamina. Her severe eye infection following cataract surgery was thought by me to be normal postoperative redness until the Registered Nurse at the Adult Day Health Center called me at work to say that Mom's eye looked infected to her. Mom's vision in that eye would have been lost had it not been for the close attention that the staff pays to all their clients.

Sharing life with my most amazing Mother is something we both want to continue for many years to come. The adult day program has made this possible for both of us by allowing her to stay at home with me and delay the need for her to be placed in a Nursing Home.


Aging Services, Inc enhances the lives of older adults by providing services and resources to assist them in remaining independent.
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