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About GIVE65

GIVE65, a program of Home Instead Senior Care Foundation, is the first and only crowd-fundraising platform exclusively devoted to helping nonprofits raise money online for programs and services that create hope for seniors. Since it's launch in 2016, GIVE65 has raised and awarded more than $1.6 million in support of seniors in the United States. 

A Catalyst for Social Change

It can be challenging to raise funds for programs and services that help seniors in need. In the nonprofit world, seniors are often overlooked and nonprofits are underfunded. At Home Instead Senior Care Foundation, we believe we can inspire greater charitable giving in support of seniors when we work together with nonprofits who share this common mission. By working together, we can increase social awareness and the capacity of nonprofit organizations to care for the growing senior population - ultimately helping even more seniors in need.

The need is great. I think GIVE65 is a rallying cry for all of us - the public and private sectors - to come together and create hope for our seniors in need.

-Lori Hogan, Home Instead Senior Care Foundation Vice President

The Fourth-Annual GIVE65 Event is Happening in July 2019!

The GIVE65 Event is a 65-hour, crowd-fundraising event for nonprofits serving seniors. The 2019 event is July 9 - 11. If you're a senior-focused nonprofit and are interested in participating, you can submit an application for participation here: www.GIVE65.org/admin/application.

All participating organizations are eligible for matching grants. Home Instead Senior Care Foundation is providing at least $125,000 in matching grants. Every participating nonprofit is eligible for up to $5,000 in matching grants. This is a dollar-for-dollar match (as long as funds are still available), which means organizations do not have to reach $5,000 and/or their fundraising goal to receive matching dollars. In addition to matching grants, all approved, participating organizations will be eligible for one of two $10,000 financial rewards recognizing outstanding small-, medium- and large-sized participating nonprofits based on operating budget.

Here's How it Works


Use this site to learn what the GIVE65 Event is all about and how your nonprofit organization can get involved.



Complete and submit an online GIVE65 Event Application



Home Instead Senior Care Foundation will notify the nonprofit organizations selected to participate in the GIVE65 Event. All participating organizations are eligible for both matching grants and any available financial prize awards.



Download and use the GIVE65 toolkit to plan a successful 65-hour crowd-fundraising campaign in your community.



Starting at 7 a.m. on July 9, 2019, through midnight July 11, 2019 (Central Time), for 65 hours, participating nonprofit organizations will use the GIVE65 toolkit promotional content to rally their supporters to give in support of seniors. 



Celebrate and share your appreciation with the community! Real-time results will be posted on the leaderboard at GIVE65.org.


Learn how to participate in the GIVE65 Event, whether you are a donor or a nonprofit organization (see if your organization is eligible, and check out the rules and guidelines).

2018 GIVE65 Event Success Overview

Click here to view the 2018 GIVE65 Event Leaderboard!