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Volunteer Training, Research and Advocacy Programs for Long-Term Care Communities

Omaha, Nebraska

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Your gift helps end the pain of loneliness for those living in nursing homes, and funds the development of evidence-based solutions to support the long-term care community over the coming decades.

Description of project

Community 360 recruits, screens and trains long-term volunteers for nursing homes in the Omaha, Nebraska metro area. Our trusted volunteers' weekly visits make a meaningful difference in the lives of senior residents who, too often, have no one else. Trained volunteers are also a valuable source of support to the care staff in providing person-centered activities. Community 360's Give65 goal of $8,500 will fund the ongoing training and placement of these weekly volunteers, as well as national research and advocacy programs to demonstrate the positive impact of a credentialed-volunteer program on senior well-being and care outcomes in nursing homes.

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For 25 years, Community 360° has trained volunteers to serve those who live and work in the long-term care community. Community 360° volunteers build "communities within communities," and...read more

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Community 360° recruits and trains volunteers for nursing homes, who provide person-centered activities for residents on a weekly basis. Having a trusted volunteer visitor improves an older adult's ...read more

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