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More Than Just Keeping The Lights On

Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Description of project

Our mission focuses on helping seniors with life's basics: groceries for decent meals, minor home repairs for a safe and operational home, and household bill assistance to keep in service basic utilities like gas, water and electric. But Silver Horizons also believes low-income seniors, who are struggling to make ends meet, should more than simply "get by".

We want low-income seniors to enjoy a better quality of life!

Our Household Bill Assistance Program helps with more than just gas, water and electric. Silver Horizons even helps low-income seniors if they cannot pay their vet bills. Too many seniors euthanize their dog or cat because they cannot afford even a modest vet bill. For many seniors, that's their buddy!

We also help with landline telephones and internet service because a lot of seniors are isolated from friends, family...the "outside world".

We are requesting GIVE65 support our effort: "More Than Just Keeping The Lights On".

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