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Your gift to SHIFT gives people in the 2nd half of life a place to learn new skills, explore passions, and successfully navigate transitions, offering learning options to reach our SHIFT Members and Friends. Partner with us to harness the energy of experience and build a network dedicated to finding passion and purpose through learning, exploration, relationship building. Through our SHIFT IN-PERSON and ONLINE learning forums, networking groups, small group workshops and community service events, SHIFT helps to combat social and physical isolation, as well as offer SHIFTers life-long learning opportunities and build community connections for our members and friends.

More About Us

SHIFT is a community hub where members connect, share resources, and explore healthy aging in the second half of life. SHIFT offers over 100 educational DISTANCE LEARNING events, workshops, and learning sessions that explore diverse topics such as: elder law, career development after age 50, healthy aging research, caregiving, creating small businesses, building confidence, technology, downsizing things and space, organizational journaling, Medicare, and skill-based volunteering.

The SHIFT community is built on the values of:

✔️ Meaningful work, paid or unpaid, is a critical element of a vibrant life.
✔️ Productivity plus purpose is essential to the health and well-being of both individuals and the community.
✔️ Deep, rich, conversations are key to creating community and discovering personal meaning.
✔️ Listening involves more than just hearing. Reflection, as well as honest sharing and constructive feedback with others, are the first steps in the process of change.
✔️ Everyone, regardless of age, ability, or personal station, is a recognized resource.

SHIFT operates on people power. Speakers and facilitators donate their time as does over 70 volunteers who provide governance and planning. Our primary costs include a part-time executive director, website, and communication applications.

Your gift through the Home Instead Senior Care Foundation ensures a place for DISTANCE learning, exploration, relationship building to combat isolation, and community connection through the SHIFT ONLINE offerings.


✔️ "SHIFT connected me to the most amazing people! Each time I take part in a forum or workshop, I learn something new."

✔️ "The group of friends I met through SHIFT has met monthly for over a year and a half. They are my rock as I navigated a career change at 50. Thank you for bringing us together!"

✔️ "I support SHIFT because I have known persons who have benefited from tools the organization has provided through its programs, which have helped them deal with difficult career and other life transitions. SHIFT is a tremendous resource to the community."

✔️ "I have been a SHIFT member for some time, but now that I am semi-retired, I love the combination of learning and volunteering that SHIFT offers. That creates a real community."

✔️ "My involvement with SHIFT has made me feel supported by a community of people with similar struggles and questions."

✔️ "Once I discovered SHIFT I haven't missed a meeting. It has been an important support during my retirement transition."

✔️ "I love the article links that are included in the newsletter e-mail blast. They are very informative and relevant and sometimes I pick up a book suggestion from it too."

✔️ "SHIFT is addressing an important later-life issue and a growing trend in life transitions. It keeps me up to date on how such transitions are being addressed, and as I am interested in such transitions I tell people about the SHIFT model and the website, which allows me to be useful and current."


SHIFT guides and connects mid-lifers and beyond, in seeking greater purpose and passion in life and work.

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