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Guardianship Services provided to the vulnerable adults

Description of project

Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry (LMM)'s Guardianship Services program has been the sole provider of guardianship services to the indigent, incompetent adults in Cuyahoga and Lorain Counties since 1989. The program provides staff and volunteer guardians to vulnerable older adults deemed incompetent by the Probate Court. The mission is to provide trained, qualified legal guardians to serve as concerned, caring advocates and surrogate decision-makers when a less restrictive alternative to guardianship is not available. Typically, older adults under guardianship have some form of dementia and reside in nursing facilities or assisted living. Other adults under guardianship have a severe mental illness and reside in assisted living or a community setting. Often there is no family, or they are estranged because of alcoholism, drug addiction, previous abuse, neglect or exploitation. The guardians take on full decision-making responsibility for individuals under guardianship, commonly called "wards," who cannot make their own decisions as they cannot understand and/or comprehend such complex issues as their diagnosis, disease processes, or disease management.

Guardianship Services impact every ward by positively improving their life. Persons under guardianship are able to have their basic needs met, have timely and appropriate medical care, receive entitled benefits, live in safe affordable housing, have advanced directives and funeral plans in place, and receive appropriate legal decisions made on their behalf. In addition, interventions of guardianship provide for the peace, well-being and dignity to significantly improve the person's quality of life.

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Guardianship Services, a program of Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry, provides legal guardians to serve as concerned, caring advocates and surrogate decision-makers for adults who cannot care for ...read more

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