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A Bright Holiday for Every Elder

Chicago, Illinois

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Description of project

Sharing a special meal with loved ones, surrounded by conversation and laughter. Making warm memories of celebration together with family and friends. For Chicago's isolated and lonely elders, this only seems possible on TV - especially at the holidays.

Make Spirits Bright! You can remind each elder they're loved and included on a special day. With the help of generous donors like you and a network of dedicated volunteers, no elder feels alone or forgotten at the holidays - a time when loneliness can be painfully amplified.

"Before joining Little Brothers, I'd just sit here and look out the window on Christmas Day," shared LBFE elder Georgia, 88.
That's why Little Brothers - Friends of the Elderly throws three big family-style celebrations on Christmas Day. Volunteers pick up our elders from home, bringing them to one of three citywide parties to celebrate together with hundreds of friends. We share conversation and laughter over a sparkling cider toast and holiday dinner, and there's lots of dancing to live music. Our elders feel like they're celebrating with family - their Little Brothers family.

"Little Brothers' celebrations remind me of my mother's dinners. She had a long table and there'd be so many people in the house. She'd bring out her fine china and set the table and everyone would get around it. Little Brothers' celebrations bring back those memories," said Georgia fondly.

Our homebound elders and those living in nursing homes also receive a special visit and delivery of holiday goodies on Christmas morning. Volunteers bring a small houseplant, a slice of cake, sparkling cider to share a toast, as well as a holiday meal to our homebound elders. What makes the day feel truly special, though, is the visit from a friend who cares.

Thank you for joining us to Make Spirits Bright! You're ensuring no elder feels alone or forgotten at a time meant for togetherness.

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