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HomeCare Services, Inc. of Dallas County is a multi-faceted agency that provides personalized, in-home & community based services to ill, elderly, & disabled individuals for the purpose of helping them to remain in their own homes for as long as possible; preventing/delaying premature institutionalization. Our nutrition program enhances our purpose through hot, home delivered meals and congregate sites, furnishing not only nutritionally balanced meals but also one-on-on contact/socialization for many Dallas county seniors who would otherwise be isolated in their homes. Many seniors struggle with inadequate nutrition for various reasons; illness, diminished physical and/or mental capabilities, isolation, lack of financial means or even transportation to obtain groceries/food. This amplifies existing health concerns, placing seniors at risk by creating instability at home. Consuming even one well-balanced meal per day combats this situation. By providing this nourishment, we are able to help seniors maintain a safe and secure lifestyle in their own homes. They are given the opportunity for a higher quality of life as healthy citizens while they remain involved, contributing members of their community. This not only serves to empower these individuals alone, but also the entire family unit. Many adult children are struggling to maintain full time jobs, raise their own children and care for their aged parent. By distributing the caregiving responsibilities, family stress is reduced and physical and emotional well-being is enhanced. Clients' feelings of independence increase as they experience and enjoy interactions from those other than family alone. This external source of contact also provides a valuable resource for family. An extra set of eyes and ears, assessing clients' current status and needs, allowing family peace of mind.
Unlike other home care agencies serving Dallas County, our focus is to provide care not only to those who can afford to pay for services, but also to those who would otherwise go without the help due to inability to pay. By utilizing various grant funding, HomeCare Services, Inc. of Dallas County has historically been known as the 'gap filler' or 'safety net provider', furnishing in-home and transportation services in addition to nutritious meals, to a population of county citizens who are normally faced with a barrier to services due to their low income levels and inability to pay standard private rates. These individuals, even at their low income levels, don't qualify for state assistance because they 'make too much', yet their income doesn't even come close to allowing them the ability to afford to pay full fee for services. Each of the past three years we provided approximately 4,500 hours of in-home service, and over 28,000 transportation rides and 28,000 meals to this population. This number has remained constant, with growth potential directly correlated to availability of supplemental funding. Obtaining this funding has become increasingly difficult in recent times as a result of the shift in direction of State and local appropriations. However despite these obstacles, we remain committed to providing continuity of affordable care to our clients as we search for alternate resources.


"I am eating so much better and you make it rain or shine, thank you!" ~Ann
"The menu provides a variety of food and it tastes good, you do a great job and it helps me out so much." ~Duane
"I can't fix my own meals, it helps me to have them delivered. The people who deliver are courteous and dependable and I sure enjoy seeing them." ~Florence

"I am 80 years old and the help has been invaluable and has done what it was originally intended to do: kept me in my home despite numerous medical issues which make standing and walking very painful......."
"Left on my own, meals are painful to prepare and I usually settle for something simple. Many times a slice of cheese and a fruit serve as a meal, a simple salad or cereal. With my blood glucose creeping up, I have resumed meals on wheels. This way I know I'll eat at least one good meal each day. I am very thankful for this and all my services to keep me in my own home." ~Katie


HomeCare Services, Inc. of Dallas County believes in providing personalized and community based services focusing on independence, dignity and a higher quality of life for the people of Dallas County.
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