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Collabria Day Horticultural Therapy Program

Napa, California

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The HT Project has been a labor of love for staff, the community and participants since its beginning. Your generous donation will support us in enhancing this program for our clients. Thank you!

Description of project

Collabria Day Program's (CDP) Horticultural Therapy (HT) program can best be described by the following quote: "It's not about how to take care of plants; it's about how plants can be used to take care of people." The HT Program provides enjoyable and motivating ways for participants to be outdoors communing with nature, while being physically active, and having many social and cooperative opportunities for interaction and team work. Because of its many positive effects on our participants we wish to enhance the program with additional funding for supplies and a part-time lead who will coordinate the various activities of the program for volunteers and staff. This will also include an expansion of the inter-generational program involving New Tech High School students in the project. CDP considers HT an essential program and is committed to its ongoing success.

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The Collabria Day Program's Horticultural Therapy Project began in 2005 through a large donation from Anne McMinn who helped create and fund the program. It is an integral part of the Collabria Day ...read more

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