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Community Services Agency of Mountain View and Los Altos

Mountain View, California

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The CSA safety net provides critical services in 4 main areas:
- Homeless Prevention via Rental Assistance
- Food with Nutrition Education to reduce food insecurity and hunger
- Homeless Services case management for the unhoused
- SENIOR CASE MANAGEMENT. along with a senior lunch program, helps seniors maintain their independence, avoid hospitalizations, premature institutionalization and self-reliance.


"We care about the people we serve. We treat our clients, our community, and ourselves with compassion, respect and dignity". - one of CSA core values.
- "Doctors only see me in pieces…not as a whole person like when I talk to you." - Senior client to Elizabeth Medina, senior program director.
- "Social workers from another agency I called came by and just started opening doors and cabinets as they walked around. I felt disrespected. They were very condescending. Whenever you come over you act as a friend and that makes me feel good." - senior client to Hazel Guevarra, case manager.
- "The huge support system for cancer patients is too overwhelming for me. You seem to be the only one who takes the job seriously and I appreciate all your efforts." - senior client to Lisa South, case manager.
- "Most of the seniors who eat here would not be eating a balanced and nutritious meal. One lady said to me: 'If it weren't for this program I'd just be having tea and toast'." - Earlene Minnis, Senior Lunch Site Manager


CSA is the community's safety net, providing critical support services that preserve and promote stability, self-sufficiency and dignity.
Connect with Community Services Agency of Mountain View and Los Altos