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Fundraising Campaign

ANV believes that a strong community takes care of its most vulnerable members. ANV is committed to growing our village to serve more seniors, with a focus on increasing the socioeconomic diversity of our membership. From the very beginning, committed to not turning anyone away, the founders of ANV established a Financial Aid Fund and since then, without interruption, ANV has been able to provide financial assistance to all qualified applicants.

Expanding access to creative, volunteer-driven models like ANV is crucial to supporting seniors--particularly low-income seniors. We must weave a stronger social safety net of multiple types of assistance, from aging in place to transportation to food insecurity, in order to keep vulnerable seniors from falling through the cracks and missing out on help they could be getting.This has become undeniably clear during the COVID-19 crisis, which is especially dangerous to low-income seniors and is placing enormous strain on the capacity of existing nonprofit and government assistance programs to meet their most basic needs. ANV is committed to cultivating the creative partnerships, collaboration, and fundraising necessary to provide village membership to more of our area's vulnerable seniors.

ANV will use GIVE65 funds to support its overall mission to help seniors age in place safely, expand the number of seniors served, cover membership fees for low-income seniors, and support collaborative efforts with partner nonprofits to strengthen the social safety net for seniors in Arlington.

ANV expects the following outcomes:

• Increase membership and support to lower income seniors
• Provide the financial aid needed to cover up to 100% of the annual ANV membership fee for 30 additional members
• Expand volunteer recruitment efforts in order to match the increased demand for services
• Collaborate with other nonprofits serving low-income seniors to reduce food insecurity among seniors, increase volunteer pools, and promote each other's services
• Contribute to community resilience in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic

More About Us

ANV began in 2013 with conversations between neighbors about how to remain in the community they loved as they aged-to be safe at home while remaining active, connected, and contributing to the community. Experience with their own families showed that aging in place requires extra support, so the founders designed ANV using the village movement as a model. The village concept is a volunteer network of neighbors helping neighbors-peer-to-peer support to live independently at home, remain active, improve well-being, and reduce social isolation.

After six years of providing services, ANV is a thriving volunteer-based organization that supports a community of over 230 seniors so they can connect with and care for each other as they age in place. ANV's 280 volunteers deliver direct (non-medical) services (e.g., rides to the doctor, errands, check-in calls, and help around the house) and social programs (e.g., weekly speaker series, falls prevention classes) to village members. ANV's office is a single point of contact for information on independent living-helping members access county and other resources.

Volunteers, members, and ANV's 13-member Board of Directors collaborate on nine committees that develop programs, manage events, and perform administrative functions. Two part-time staff support membership services and volunteers, and ANV's part-time Executive Director drives strategy and ensures impact.

ANV serves all of Arlington, VA with members ranging in age from 58 to 98, fulfilling 2,178 service requests in 2019. Village members represent a diverse range of interests and needs, cultural and racial backgrounds, and economic circumstances, but they all share one goal: to age safely and independently in their own homes, supported by the community they love.


From a new member that ANV is helping during COVID-19 An ANV volunteer picked up groceries from the Arlington Food Assistance Center and delivered them to the member's home.

The member wrote, " I am sitting here eating the first salad I've had since Dec! Fresh food! What a blessing. Please be aware that I'm over seventy with a disability and will not be able to pick up any groceries. I am grateful for your effort."

After her husband passed away, a different member wrote, "I want so much to let you know from me how much he wanted to communicate with you, to let you know how much ANV did for us. On numerous occasions, volunteers came and assisted in many projects to make it easier for us. His respect, regard and appreciation for you and ANV are immeasurable."

From Jill G., a longtime volunteer, "I became a volunteer shortly after the Village was established. My "friendly visits" have been extremely rewarding and helpful to those I've visited. I've met authors, lawyers, economists, educators, and just plain folk like me. It's fun honing my computer skills and I'm starting to publish the twice-monthly ANV Events email. At 70, I still enjoy helping people and will continue as long as I'm able. I will probably become an ANV member myself in the future, and I hope the volunteers who help me will have as much fun as I am having."


A village is a network of neighbors helping neighbors- we are a local community-based nonprofit that helps older adults age-in-place by providing support services, resources, and social and educational programs - all through a robust volunteer network.

At Arlington Neighborhood Village (ANV), our mission is to provide the help that seniors need to continue living in their own homes - safely, independently, and with an enhanced quality of life.
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