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Neighbor to Neighbor in the Nenes

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Neighbor to Neighbor in the Nenes (N3) serves +400 elders in Indianhead/Lehigh, Tallahassee, FL. Neighborhood volunteers provide things elders need but no longer can do for themselves: rides, meals, errands, grocery shopping, yard maintenance, information and referral, etc. We are three years old and the current priority, in addition to service delivery, is to continue strengthening the organizational foundation so it will most effectively serve seniors far into the future. During this capacity-builiding, the focus is on board development, fundraising, resource development and long range planning.

More About Us

During the pandemic, in addition to services mentioned above, N3 provides: friendly phone calls, medication pick-up, yard work, tech support, home maintenance projects (outdoors) - all delivered by neighborhood volunteers. Social and education programs are on hold.

According to AARP, Florida is the worst state in the nation for the provision of services like the ones offered by Neighbor to Neighbor in the Nenes and other services as well. Go to the AARP Public Policy Institute to review their 2020 State Scorecard Report for more information. In spite of being a magnet for retirees, Florida does not care well for its most fragile and vulnerable elders, many of whom will die before they can receive services they need and for which they are eligible.

Clients tell us: "Keep up this admirable service." And: "Neighbor to Neighbor in the Nenes' volunteer came to see me, today, around 4:30, after work. I talked to her a lot, about the extremely hard circumstances I am facing. . . .She is the person I need the most help from, and is willing to provide to me."


Presented as received on a Christmas card, 12/2020
I appreciate so much what you and others are doing in this "neighbor to neighbor" venture. When you are 92, it is very unexpected to have so much loving kindness bestowed upon you. Three such kind, sweet souls, came and celebrated my birthday with me with huge chocolate birthday cake and a "happy birthday" sing. Considering the Pandemic, we stood on the front porch and wore our masks. This is a birthday experience to remember always. Sincerely, B. J.


The mission of Neighbor to Neighbor in the Nenes is to help elders in Indianhead/Lehigh stay in their homes as long as possible as they age.
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